Product Wars: Sean Connery to voice your GPS?

Product Wars: Sean Connery to voice your GPS?

Who's celebrity vocals would you like to tell you where to go?

Being directed by a passenger when you’re driving is not the most pleasant experience. Neither is being told “you’re going the wrong way” by a monotonous voice from a GPS unit.

But with most GPS capable of supporting a number of different voices, there is no excuse in use the boring pre-loaded version.

A number of celebrities have already lent their voices to give directions including Yoda and Snoop Dogg.

So if you had a choice, who would you want to hear on your GPS?

ARN’s Product Wars has assembled a bunch of actors, singers and make-believe characters so tell us which one you want to package up and shove into your GPS device.

The candidates are: Arnold Schwarzenegger Bart Simpson Clint Eastwood Danny Devito Darth Vader Homer Simpson Ian McKellen Fran 'The Nanny' Drescher Kanye West Megan Mullally (from Will & Grace) Mariah Carey Mario Morgan Freeman Peter Griffin Sean Connery Yoda

Click here to cast your vote!

If you have more suggestions for the list, feel free to email them to

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