Artis lands multi-million dollar cloud deal

Artis lands multi-million dollar cloud deal

IT service provider delivers the Weather Channel's interactive map using IBM technology and cloud computing

IT service provider, Artis Group, has completed a multi-million dollar deal for the Weather Channel to provide the interactive map at the heart of its relaunched website.

Artis Group client executive, Adam Bateson, said the back-end implementation was built on IBM technology and delivered via the cloud thanks to hosting company, Ultra Serve.

Artis is a dynamic IBM infrastructure partner.

“The data warehousing is the lynchpin for the project. You’re looking at 3GB of data travelling through the site every day and it’s never-ending. There are no peaks or troughs because the weather is always happening,” he said.

“For XYZ, which owns the Weather Channel, being hosted on the cloud was a no-brainer from a cost and risk perspective. A lot of the work we do is helping people with virtualisation.”

Despite its always-on nature, wide-ranging Web user base and the television program, Bateson said the system had performed flawlessly so far.

The site is supported by a Kentico .Net content management system (CMS), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Adobe Flash.

“They’ve never had a single red flag since we built the database,” he said. “We worked with a partner called Tongue and they were the usability experts.

“Because we don’t do the design and usability ourselves, the customer either nominates a design partner, does it themselves or a bit of both. It’s usually better working with a partner because often if you’re working with a client, they try to design things and stumble or fail to meet deadlines because of inexperience.”

The deal came about after Artis won a tender to implement a database solution for the Weather Channel in May/June 2009.

Bateson said it was a mid-sized win for his company and highlighted its large pool of contractors as key to its flexibility.

“We’re very fluid, no venture capital funding, and we turned over $25 million in revenue for the last financial year and can probably do over $30m next year,” he said. “We continue to grow through last year and we’ve got just under 100 staff full-time and a couple of hundred contractors we work with.

“We’ve got government, media, banking and telco customers. People like working with us because we’re nimble and responsive,” Bateson said. “If you’re going to work with Accenture or EDS, they’re large and move slowly. It can be very challenging for them to implement an urgent need.”

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