LaCie's latest stylish drive

LaCie's latest stylish drive

The d2 range of USB hard drives from LaCie combine slick styling with portability and high capacity. They are USB 2.0-compatible and boast a platter speed of 7200rpm, offering data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps. They are also USB 1.0-compatible. The stylish casing is made of a composite of aluminium and ZAMAC, which provides for good looks as well as effective heat dissipation, and since the drives need less cooling, no noisy fans means the drive is 50 per cent quieter - great for the audio market. The d2 range has models with 80GB, 120GB and 200GB capacities. They can be hot-swapped into a system, and as they are external drives there's no need for de-casing a PC. A removable drive stand allows the d2 range to be laid flat or on their sides, saving desktop space, and it features an optional Kensington-compatible chain-lock system.

The d2 drives range in price from $499 to $959 (ex GST).

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