Enterprise Solutions Briefs: Servers, Quantum, Overland, Borland

Enterprise Solutions Briefs: Servers, Quantum, Overland, Borland

Low-cost server wars

The high-density server market will get red hot this month as three industry heavyweights - Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems - introduce smaller, less expensive servers to an already fiery rackable-server market.

Compaq expanded its ProLiant DL line of high-density servers, introducing a 1U (1.75-inch) high ProLiant DL320. The new server is a single-processor version of an existing ProLiant server from the PC maker, with a lower price to make it available to a wider range of customers, according to officials.

In sync with but running slightly behind the rest of the pack in the high-density server market, HP is set to introduce its first pair of 1U servers. Industry experts say the company has been slow getting into the high-density server market.

Next to rally will be Sun Microsystems by leveraging its recent acquisition of server appliance vendor Cobalt Networks, adding a wide range of high-density servers and server appliances to its lineup.

Overland goes Super DLT

Quantum, the Coca-Cola of the digital tape storage world, has announced a partnership with Overland Data to begin shipping Quantum's much-anticipated Super DLT drives.

Overland will provide auto-loading tape libraries to house the tape drives, including its Super DLT LoaderXpress, MinilibraryXpress, LibraryXpress and EnterpriseXpress.

Super DLT has been in Quantum's development pipeline for a long time and, with the company dragging out its release, it now faces competition from the similarly specified LTO drive.

Quantum has a large DLT install base of around 1.5 million sites worldwide and is hoping Super DLT's backward-read compatibility will provide its existing customers with the incentive to adopt the new format.

Borland patches up

Inprise/Borland has posted a software patch on its Web site that it says will fix a potential security flaw discovered in versions 4.0 through 6.0 of its InterBase product.

The company said the flaw could allow illegal access to the database's "metadata", or data which describes the content of a database for access purposes.

While the vulnerability wouldn't "necessarily" mean that database content could be viewed or altered illegally, tampering with the metadata could leave a database inoperable, the company said.

The patch is available for the following platforms, Inprise/Borland said: Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and SCO. Customers can download the patch at downloads/patches.html/

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