Passionate about technology

Passionate about technology

Tegatech principal, Hugo Ortega, brings an enthusiasm and commitment to his niche distribution business.

Have you done much travelling?

Yes, I’ve done a fair bit, especially this year. We’ve just opened up Tegatech Europe – we’ll make more formal announcements in December – and we’re also going to open up Tegatech USA. With that in mind, I’ve been to Europe and America quite a bit this year, just making sure we’re establishing those two correctly.

What makes travelling a highlight for you?

The food. I love fine dining – I’m a big fan of, for example, going down to the fish markets in Seattle and sitting down in one of the restaurants there and eating fresh crab from the bay. We try and find the best food and wine available and make that part of the travel experience. It’s quite funny how the kids have caught on to that, and it’s not rare for them to order some of the more unique foods you wouldn’t expect a kid to order – lobster, olives or cheeses or things like that.

Do you like gadgets?

I love and am obsessed with gadgets. I own well over 30 tablet PCs and we have Exchange Server set- up in house. Having a mobile PC business has helped feed that addiction too.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

When I went to university I studied psychology. I left that early in favour of the IT industry and becoming an entrepreneur. My passion has always been to be an entrepreneur; I’ve always seen myself as a successful business person. I often joke that my fi rst business was 100 per cent profit, and it was based on selling my birthday and Christmas toys from the age of seven. The next day after a birthday or Christmas it wasn’t rare for me to have a stall out the front of the apartment selling off these goods at a 100 per cent markup.

What is your biggest ambition going forward?

It’s to make the Tegatech brand global. We have the opportunity to have a global platform with the Tegatech Australia, Europe and America branding, and we’ve got multicurrency ability now with those countries.

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