Remote computing products: a sneak peek

Remote computing products: a sneak peek

Banksia Technology

iNTRA8. This product is an eight-port, full-length ISA Bus internal modem board aimed at Windows NT users in small to medium businesses. The card offers eight 33.6Kbit/sec modem ports and is designed to provide remote users with a "secure and seamless" connection to their office network.

iNTRA8 allows a Win NT server to support up to 64 RAS modem ports, and each modem port offers fax, data and voice communications. Plug and play capability makes installation easy and the onboard dedicated acceleration hardware provides high throughput while placing a minimum load on the server's processor.

The RRP of iNTRA8 is $2500.

CS 410. This new product is a "low cost" four-port communication server used for dial-in and dial-out access. It provides modem sharing dial-out, and remote access dial-in, and supports IP and IPX dial-in/dial-out a protocols. User name and password authentication address the issues of network management and sec-urity. Additionally, CS 410 supports PAP, CHAP for PPP link security and call-back for remote access users. As the product is new, the RRP is yet to be advised.

ISPorte. This product is made by Microcom and distributed in Australia by Banksia Technology. Microcom's ISPorte is described as "a powerful analogue and digital modem management system, providing low cost remote access for corporate environments and ISPs". A mix of up to 64 high-speed V.34 modems (upgradable to 56K) or dual PRI ISDN cards are supported in a compact chassis.

The RRP of ISPorte starts at $2299.

Wave SP 56 modem. This high-speed modem is powered by Rockwell's K56flex chipset. Features include full duplex speakerphone, answerphone, Simultaneous Voice and Data (SVD), voice/data/fax software, Internet Explorer, and games samplers.

The Wave SP 56 is upgradable to future ITU 56K standards, and features 56,000bps data download, 33,600bps data upload, 14,400bps fax, V.42, V.42bis, MNP10, and Sync/Async.

The RRP of the Wave SP 56 modem is $299, and $249 for the 33.6Kbit/sec version.

Banksia Technology

Tel (02) 9424 2000 Fax (02) 9424 2010

Eicon Technology

DIVA 2.0 and DIVA Pro 2.0. Designed for telecommuting, Internet access, remote LAN access and applications that transfer extremely large files, the new cards function on a range of operating systems and enable connectivity at high speed and low cost.

The DIVA 2.0 is a data-only workhorse for PCs that enables remote users to access information, such as e-mail and databases, from their corporate LAN.

The DIVA Pro 2.0 is a full-featured ISDN interface card for power users that offers all the advantages of DIVA 2.0 and also connects with fax machines and analog modems over ISDN.

The DIVA 2.0 is recommended by Eicon for telecommuters and users seeking a high-speed, affordable and reliable alternative to an analog modem. With ISDN connections to the Internet and corporate intranets, Eicon guarantees DIVA 2.0 users transfer rates of up to 128Kbit/sec, "five times faster than the fastest analog modem".

The DIVA 2.0 ISDN interface card also supports the plug and play standard for ease and speed of installation.

The DIVA Pro 2.0 is based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology and offers communications to both ISDN and analog devices over ISDN, which allows connection to a remote PC equipped with an analog modem.

The DIVA Pro 2.0 also supports both Group 3 (analog) and Group 4 (digital) fax transmissions. With this feature, users can send faxes from their PCs over ISDN using applications such as Microsoft Fax. The DIVA Pro 2.0 is also available in a PC Card version (PCMCIA) for notebook users.

Both products in the DIVA 2.0 family fit into the infrastructure of Telstra's new OnRamp service.

Available immediately, the RRP of the DIVA 2.0 ISA is $282, and the DIVA 2.0 PCI is $427. The RRP of the DIVA Pro 2.0 ISA is $715 and the DIVA Pro 2.0 PCI is $858. The PC Card version of the DIVA Pro 2.0 is priced at $1005.

Eicon Technology

Tel (02) 9919 7200 Fax (02) 9929 6300


Australian distributors are:

Express Data

Tel (02) 9598 9100 Fax (02) 9317 3399

Force Technology

Tel (02) 9417 4477 Fax (02) 9417 3881


Tel (02) 9586 1111 Fax (02) 9586 1122

Symantec Corporation

PcANYWHERE32 Version 8.0. Released in September, this product is designed for remote computing access to PCs, applications and information.

The new features in pcANYWHERE32 include enhanced Windows NT 4.0 support and security features, and support for all major OS platforms in one box. With Version 8.0, the caller security is now integrated into the NT User Manager so there is no need to manage separate tables of passwords, and users only need to remember their standard network password. Network-wide implementation is also simplified.

Further levels of security are added with the addition in Version 8.0 of Microsoft's CryptoAPI which implements strong encryption services including Public Key and Symmetric Level Encryption. PcANYWHERE32 supports 40 bit and 128 bit key lengths, depending on the Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) used.

PcANYWHERE32, Version 8.0 also includes Symantec's LiveUpdate techno-logy, which provides seamless product updating. This is available through Symantec's Web site via the user's telephone or Internet connection.

Additional features of the product are remote control, file transfer, and general communications with modem, cable, and network connections in one box.

PcANYWHERE32 for Windows 95 and Windows NT includes support for several platforms including Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5.1 and 4.0, Windows 3.1x, and DOS 3.3 or higher and runs on an IBM compatible 486SX 25MHz or higher and requires 4Mb RAM (8Mb recommended) and VGA. The program supports Microsoft BackOffice, CA-Unicenter, and all major networks including the Internet, TCP/IP, NetWare, ISDN, and RAS connections.

PcANYWHERE32 Version 8.0 is available for an ERP of $239 for a two-computer (host and remote) licence. Users of previous versions of pcANYWHERE can upgrade to Version 8.0 for $129.

Symantec Australia

Tel (02) 9850 1000 Fax (02) 9850 1001


Axent Technologies

Defender. Targeting the problem of user authentication, this product uses a two-factor authentication system - a token and a PIN to activate that token for greater security. Defender's tokens compute a one-time password when challenged by the Defender Security Server. Without the authorised user's unique token and the PIN to activate the token, potential intruders cannot compute the one-time password. "No damage can be done even if the password is captured". Once used, it is never again valid.

Defender offers the option of using software or hand-held tokens. The software token eliminates the need for users to carry a separate hand-held token. The user's PC or mobile computer becomes a token when the Defender software token is activated. Advantages of the software token are that it is as secure, easier to use and less expensive than hand-held tokens.

Components of Defender include the Defender Security Server which runs on Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and Novell NetWare; the Defender Software token; the Defender Hand-held token; Defender Management Software and Reports (DMS); Defender NT Log-on (the same token can be used to log on to NT workstations and to gain remote access to the network and authorised NT servers); and Defender RADIUS and TACACS+ Servers (communication servers and firewalls that support both of these can use the Defender Security Servers for a central point of two-factor authentication).

Some advantages of Defender are that the products offer complete protection and access control at all points of entry; and the tokens remain the property of the cutomer.

OmniGuard Power VPN.

OmniGuard provides secure access to protected networks when remote users are on untrusted networks like the Internet.

Benefits of OmniGuard include:

The use of Points of Presence from ISPs and VPNs to provide accessAll data is encrypted and validatedToken-based user authentication is required for remote accessAll data is authorised through access profiles that can be assigned to individual usersScalability: the number of concurrent users is only limited by the processing power of the servers in placeEasy installationSpeed: data compression is performed prior to encryptionThe one-year cost of a Power/VPN sol-ution which combines a one-time investment of 100 PowerVPN clients, 100 Defender software tokens, a single integrated PowerVPN gateway and Defender Security Server and a 100-user Defender licence, is approximately $75,000.

Global Business Solutions

Tel (02) 9418 4455 Fax (02) 9418 4881

Iomega Zip Drive

Iomega markets its zip drive to remote users as the "ideal portable storage solution" because of its high storage capacity, durability, small size and its light weight. Uses include multi-media, software applications, presentations, financial data, graphics and games.

The price of the zip drive dropped from $349 to $279 in April and the company has reported a "significant increase" in sales since that time.

Offering 70 times the capacity of traditional floppy disks, with greater flexibility and an inbuilt backup system, the zip drive is currently being offered as an inbuilt option on models from Apple, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Micron, Packard Bell, NEC, Power Computing and Unisys.

Iomega is distributed throughout Australia by Tech Pacific and Q*Soft.

Iomega Corporation

Tel (02) 9416 0601 Fax (02) 9415 6574


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