Aussie solves iPad Wi-Fi woe

Aussie solves iPad Wi-Fi woe

Victoria-based IT consultant claims to have a fix for Apple iPad's Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

Apple iPad users experiencing connectivity issues with Wi-Fi networks may find comfort in a solution proposed by a local IT professional.

Apple has acknowledged some iPads are having trouble reconnecting to known Wi-Fi networks after restarting or being reactivated from sleep mode. According to the vendor’s support page, it can happen with some dual-band third-party Wi-Fi routers under certain settings.

The iPad's Australian release has been delayed to May, but eager customers have found other means to obtain the device including travelling to the US or buying it off auction sites.

Problems with Wi-Fi connections have dominated complaints by iPad users.

Loren Wiener, an American-born IT consultant in Victoria, was hunting for a fix after his iPad fell victim to the same Wi-Fi connectivity issue. He tried methods proposed by Apple’s support page, such as doing a factory reset, but to no avail.

“It's a big deal, having an iPad that only works on Wi-Fi which then doesn’t work,” Wiener said.

He turned to Apple community forums but also failed to find a feasible suggestion. So Wiener decided to take matters into his own hands and had a stab at the iPad settings.

The solution he came up with is a simple one:

  1. Go into the Wi-Fi connection. This should bring up a number of settings.
  2. By default, the settings are turned off. Change the selection to ‘auto’.

“Right now it works for about 60 per cent of the people that have tried it but the people it hasn’t worked for may not have reset their machines,” he said.

While Wiener has informed Apple of his findings, he has yet to get an official response to recognise his solution. But Wiener has received hundreds of emails from afflicted iPad users claiming his method works.

The IT consultant said he had anticipated there would be some problems with the iPad as an early adopter of the device.

“I think they could have done it better,” Wiener said.” It took me a couple of days to figure it out and it’s disappointing but it’s not the end of the world.”

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