iPad music production apps: Music meets multitouch

iPad music production apps: Music meets multitouch

We take a brief look into what the iPad can do for you and your music.

For the Serious Musician

So far, the iPad definitely shows its potential in its virtual instruments department, but what about those of us who already music production software?

AC-7 Pro ($10; iTunes link) is a virtual mixing console that works wirelessly with Logic Pro or Pro Tools.

AC-7 Pro uses multitouch technology to bring back the "feel" of using faders to manage your mixes instead of a mouse and keyboard or a MIDI controller.

Given that you will have already spent at least $400 on the iPad itself, pitching in an extra $10 to get this kind of "control" (no pun intended) really doesn't seem so bad -- especially when you take into consideration the fact that professional hardware mixers can easily reach thousands of dollars.

DJing on iPad

Mixr is a turntable app currently under development. It features two "turntable decks" side-by-side with a crossfader in the middle. Interacting with mixr will be the same like using actual vinyls in that you can spin the records back and forth and move the crossfader to cut and mix between tracks. You'll also be able to cue tracks to create and record your own mixes.

Mixr will include a few built-in effects as well. You'll be able to switch between Delay/Echo, Distortion, EQ, and Auto Filter controls.

You'll also be able to create your own custom "DJ crate" (i.e. song library) for easy access to your tracks. This mimics thee days of sorting through your vinyls in your milk crates (or sorting through your CD wallets for all your CDJ users out there).

Unfortunately, it appears that Mixr is still in development, so no price announcement has been made yet (though you can stay up-to-date by filling out the form on Mixr's site). That's okay though, just think of it as an opportunity to save up for the price of both an iPad and Mixr while you're waiting for it to finish.

I use turntables, but even I have to admit that this seems like a pretty cool application. For small house or dorm parties, Mixr could be worth it--if the price is right.

As harsh of an iPad critic I was, now that I see its potential as far as music production is concerned I've changed my opinion a bit. Let's see what happens next. We'll leave up to you developers and users out there!

Now go forth and make music with your new toys tools! See you at the next level!

GeekTech blogger David Saetang is a slave to the books by day, and a musical journeyman by night. Follow GeekTech on Twitter or Facebook.

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