IBM thinks the Web is cool

IBM thinks the Web is cool

We laughed when they started talking about the Internet-enabled refrigerator. Then Whirlpool did it. Then we laughed when they started talking about Internet-enabled ice-cream carts. Then Enterasys did it, and we're still laughing.

But if you're a systems integrator or reseller and you need something that's way out there on the edge, and so cool, hip and funky that every daddy-o in the ‘hood is going to want a taste, then IBM has the answer. In conjunction with appliance manufacturer Carrier, the vendor has announced Europeans will have a new Internet-enabled friend to keep them cool this summer.

That's right folks, it's the Web-enabled air conditioner! Through an Internet site at, users will be able to turn their air conditioner on and off and set the temperature. And if your air conditioner feels a bit green around the gills, it sends you an e-mail.

So this afternoon, when you're working back late to meet a ridiculous deadline for your latest project, think about how pleasant it would be to get home to a cosy, warm house. Just make sure you keep your password secure. God knows the hackers would love to cause some damage out in the real world. Perhaps they could burn your house down. Or maybe they'll just freeze your cat.

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