Networkers get nasty

Networkers get nasty

Cisco's recent Networkers conference in Brisbane turned into a pitched battle to grab channel mind-share when rival vendor Enterasys circled the conference centre with billboard trucks.

With a "Switch to Enterasys" slogan, the moving billboards were used to draw integrators and customers' attention when they stepped outside the conference walls.

In a tough market it appears the vendors are rolling up their sleeves for a good old-fashioned stoush, and have shown they too are capable of a "Hopoate" moment when the refs aren't watching.

But Enterasys was not content to leave it at that. After scoring the SkyNetGlobal deal to install wireless access points in all Qantas Airways lounges around the country, Enterasys used the captive market of integrators returning from the conference to demonstrate Enterasys' wireless gear.

This Tabloid reporter has nothing left to say other than Enterasys 1: Cisco 0. And remember it's all fun and games until someone loses a finger.

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