The lunch box - 01/04

The lunch box - 01/04

Happy Easter, everyone! We at ARN wish you a safe and pleasant four day break, see you Tuesday!

Channel News

State of the market

  • The markets have leapt up in morning trading thanks to positive resource stocks. At 12:14pm, the S&P/ASX200 was up 22 points.
  • The Aussie dollar is steady against the Greenback and trades at $US0.9171. Gold is up a fraction to $US1115 an ounce while oil has fallen slightly to $US83.4 a barrel.


General News

  • Bagged: Consumer group names worst airlines to fly with
  • John Brogden: Suicide shouldn't be a taboo subject
  • Sydney vanishing act: Unit owners crushed by $40m
  • Heroine in Arab-speaking world: Housewife poet unveils the truth
  • World: Extremists spurred by black president
  • Conservation: Saving the black rhino (video)
  • Rio Tinto affair: Stern Hu puts bribes in the family safe, says wife
  • Employment: Retailers attack watchdog audit



    Tomorrow's weather:

    • Sydney: Fine. Lengthy sunny periods. Min: 17, Max: 23
    • Melbourne: Possible shower. Min: 14, Max: 20
    • Brisbane: Fine. Min: 18, Max: 27
    • Perth: Partly cloudy. Min: 17, Max: 28
    • Adelaide: Fine. Mostly sunny. Min: 17, Max: 29
    • Hobart: Morning shower or two. Min: 17, Max: 17
    • Canberra: Mostly sunny. Min: 7, Max: 22
    • Darwin: Afternoon shower. Min: 26, Max: 34

    Product Wars: Best 80s Tech

  • Results so far...
  • 1st - VHS (with VCR player) - 84%
  • 2nd - Personal computers - 82%
  • 3rd - Video games consoles - 66%
  • 4th - Brick phones - 64%
  • 5th - Camcorders - 57%

  • Show some love for the Betamax! Click here to cast your vote!

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