The lunch box - 31/03

The lunch box - 31/03

It's a dreary day here in the ARN towers in Sydney - but perhaps these fascinating news bits can cheer us (and you) up.

I hope everyone's prepared for tomorrow's April's Fools!

Channel News

State of the market

  • The markets rose in morning trading before falling sharply. At 11:23am, the S&P/ASX200 was up 0.6 points.
  • The Aussie dollar is trading higher at $US0.9201. Gold is down to $US1103.9 an ounce while oil was up $US82.4 a barrel.

General News

  • Air crashes: United Airlines plane 90 metres from major disaster.
  • Earth not destroyed: The Large Hadron Collider has collided particles at record power without causing a black hole.
  • Market rivals?: The Australian Stock Exchange could soon have a rival in Chi-X.
  • Murder suspect charged: An 18-year old man has been charged with the murder of Mudgee teenager, Michelle Morrissey.
  • Fashion crime: A Darwin restaurant is charging customers extra for wearing thongs.
  • Serbia says sorry: Serbia has officially apologised for the Srebrenica massacre that killed almost 8000 people.
  • Bank diggers A gang of robbers have dug a tunnel in a Paris banks and robbed it.


  • Basketball: Wildcats coach assures match-winner Kevin Lisch will not move
  • Australia beat New Zealand at Hamilton this morning by 176 runs
  • Rugby league: NRL boss backs Titans' financial viability
  • Rugby league (2): Shark's Tim Smith back in the game
  • Soccer: Ivica Olic gives Manchester United taste of its own medicine
  • AFL: Gold Coast poster only heaps pressure on Gary Ablett: Mark Thompson


Tomorrow's weather:

  • Sydney: Mostly fine. Min: 18, Max: 23
  • Melbourne: Partly cloudy. Min: 13, Max: 23
  • Brisbane: Mostly fine. Min: 19, Max: 28
  • Perth: Sunny. Min: 15, Max: 29
  • Adelaide: Fine. High cloud. Min: 15, Max: 29
  • Hobart: Late showers. Min: 11, Max: 21
  • Canberra: Fine. Mostly sunny. Min: 7, Max: 23
  • Darwin: Late shower/storm. Min: 26, Max: 34

Product Wars: Best 80s Tech

  • Results so far...

  • 1st - VHS (with VCR player) - 83%
  • 2nd - Personal computers - 82%
  • 3rd - Video games consoles - 66%
  • 4th - Brick phones - 64%
  • 5th - Camcorders - 57%

  • Click here to cast your vote.

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