The lunch box - 26/03

The lunch box - 26/03

Just one thing to say as the week rolls to the end: Thank goodness for Friday. And we’ve got two short weeks to look forward to in a row now!

Channel News

State of the market

  • The markets have had another down morning. At 11:57am the ASX is sitting unhappily 45.5 points down to 4839.9
  • The Aussie dollar is only slightly down to $US0.9073, while Gold has leaped up to $US1092.0, and Oil has softened to $US80.5


General News



Tomorrow's weather:

  • Sydney: Mostly fine. Cloudy periods. Min: 21, Max: 28
  • Melbourne: Mostly dry. Min: 17, Max: 24
  • Brisbane: Mostly fine. Min: 18, Max: 29
  • Perth: Cloudy periods. Min: 19, Max: 26
  • Adelaide: Cloudy periods. Possible shower. Min: 16, Max: 32
  • Hobart: Fine. Min: 10, Max: 20
  • Canberra: Mostly fine. Min: 13, Max: 29
  • Darwin: Showers, late gusty storm. Min: 25, Max: 33

Product Wars: 80s Tech

80s are famous for bad hair, bad fashion and great technology innovations.

What is your favourite 80s technology?

The candidates are:

  • Personal computers
  • Brick phones
  • CDs (with CD players)
  • Keytar
  • Answering machines
  • Fax machines
  • Camcorders
  • Betamax (with Betamax player)
  • VHS (with VCR player)
  • Video games consoles
  • Portable gaming devices
  • Walkmans

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