Premier sells CRM via ASP model

Premier sells CRM via ASP model

Melbourne-based contact centre solutions provider, Premier Technologies is using an ASP model to give SMEs access to E.piphany's high-end customer resource management (CRM) solutions.

E.piphany's E.5 CRM suite typically costs upwards of $A250,000 not including the added expense of integration and hardware, keeping it well outside the reach of individual SMEs.

"The ASP option is very attractive to the SME market because the expensive IT in-house resources needed are removed," says Fausto Marasco, CEO of Premier Technologies.

Premier's solution is Web-based, making it accessible from anywhere with minimal installation. Customers simply point their browser to a http: address and log-in. Marasco says set-up times are as short as one to two weeks, most of which is waiting for the telcos to install the access lines. To ensure speed of access, Premier connects customers through tier-one ISPs only.

"Large corporate organisations often have an inherent tactical marketing advantage over smaller competitors because they can afford sophisticated CRM software systems that are beyond the reach of smaller companies," says Marasco.

"Our agreement with E.piphany means smaller companies now have scalable, cost-effective access to sophisticated marketing and campaign management tools."

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