Social networking sites need to grow up or risk being shut down

Social networking sites need to grow up or risk being shut down

Sites like Facebook and MySpace need to mature, according to a security vendor

Social media sites need to grow up or risk being shut down, according to a security industry veteran.

Security vendor, M86 Security, claims cybercrimes on Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook and MySpace are becoming increasingly common. The attacks include malware and uploading ‘offensive’ material.

In February, a memorial site on Facebook for two deceased Brisbane girls was defaced with pornographic images, depicting bestiality. The content remained for an unknown period of time and was met with furore from the public.

Facebook released a statement claiming strict rules regarding content monitoring were already in place, and users were able to flag offensive content to administrators. The social site added it was impossible to completely prevent people from posting offensive material.

M86 COO, Bruce Green, said interactive websites dealing mainly in user-generated content needed to start actively protecting users.

“Some of these sites have to take on responsibility to protect users from the inside rather than expect everybody else to do it,” he said.

Green said these sites are generally founded by young CEOs and alleged they lacked the maturity to put adequate protection measures in place.

“Social websites need to grow up for the sake of security because if they don’t, they potentially run the risk of being closed down,” he said.

Online merchant giants, Amazon and eBay, are examples of companies taking a sophisticated approach over the years to provide security protection for their customers, according to Green.

“We’ll start to see [Web 2.0 companies] change when they start to appoint more mature chairmen,” he said.

M86 Security, formerly known as Marshal8e6, recently commented to the efficacy of Government proposed mandatory Internet filter. Six out of the nine ISPs that participated in the filter trial last year used equipment from the vendor.

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