Apple's troubled history

Apple's troubled history

News that Apple was shedding its CEO, Gil Amelio, and chief technology officer, Ellen Hancock, was the latest in a long line of tumultuous events that have surrounded the company. It seems hardly believable that 20 years have passed since the launch of the Apple II. When launched it featured an 8-bit processor and just 4K of main memory. Using the IDG news service, ARN traced the development of the company since it began in 19761976April - "Twentysomethings" Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs form Apple ComputerJuly - Apple I, a board-level computer, released for sale to hobbyists1977January - The company is incorporated and Apple Computer is bornApril - The Apple II personal computer is introduced1980December - Apple goes public - 4.6 million shares underwritten at $US22 each1981February - First-ever layoffs at the company - 40 jobs are cut in an effort to "streamline"March - Steve Jobs named chairman1983April - In search of a "grown-up" manager, Jobs brings in John Sculley from Pepsi-Co to serve as president and CEO1984January - The Macintosh debuts1985February - Co-founder Steve Wozniak leaves to start his own companyJune - First quarterly loss in company's history is postedSeptember - Relationship between Jobs and Sculley sours. Jobs resigns and starts NeXt Computer a few months later1988January - Apple reports its first $1 billion quarterOctober - Apple reports $US4.07 billion in revenues, $US400.3 million in profits, for its 1988 fiscal year1990January - Michael Spindler, previously president of Apple Europe, is named CEONovember - Spindler adds president of Apple Computer Inc to his title1992January - Sculley outlines a plan to create a new category of products called personal digital assistants (PDAs)1993January - Alpha version of Apple's PDA, the Newton, is unveiledJune - Spindler named CEO, remains president and COOJuly - In a large-scale restructuring move, 2500 people are laid offSeptember - Apple's margins thin - for the 1993 fiscal year, Apple reports $US7.98 billion in revenues, but just $US86.6 million in profitsOctober - Sculley, who has championed the less-than-successful Newton, leaves Apple1994September - Apple posts revenues of $US9.19 billion and income of $US310.2 million for the 1994 fiscal year1995September - Apple's 1995 fiscal year ends with $US11.1 billion in revenues and $US424.2 million in net incomeJanuary - Radius demonstrates the first Power Macintosh clone at Macworld ExpoApril - Power Computing launches Power Mac clones, to ship in May1996January - Spindler is oustedFebruary - Gil Amelio is brought in from National Semiconductor, appointed chairman and CEO. Apple reports a loss of $US68 million for the first quarterApril - Apple posts a loss of $US740 million for the second quarterJuly - Losing quarters continue, but only $US32 million in the third quarterSeptember - Apple reports a staggering $US816 million loss for the fiscal year, on revenues of $US9.833 billion - a small bright spot was $US25 million in net income for the fourth quarterDecember - Apple acquires Steve Jobs' Next Software for $US400 million1997January - At Macworld Expo, Apple rolls out its revamped strategy and a new operating system roadmap detailing the integration of Next's OS with the Mac OSJanuary - First-quarter results show a loss of $US120 millionMarch - Apple announces plans to lay off 2700April - Losses are $US740 million for the second quarter of 1997May - Apple spins off the Newton product group, seeks investors for itJuly - Amelio resigns as chairman and CEO of Apple

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