The lunch box - 03/03 (updated 4.35pm)

The lunch box - 03/03 (updated 4.35pm)

Gotta love Wednesdays. Well, you don’t, but a positive frame of mind is always more productive, especially when digesting the news bits we have for you today. Enjoy.

Channel News

State of the market

  • Mining stocks have led the way on the markets and helped it rise steadily in morning trading. Those gains held up in afternoon trading. At close of trading, the S&P/ASX200 was up 33.8 points at 4535.7.
  • The Aussie dollar continues to go well, rising to $US0.9052. Gold is up by 1.7 per cent to $US1137.3 an ounce and oil has dropped very slightly to $US79.7 a barrel.


General News

  • Health: $30bn hospital takeover
  • Business: Australian economy picks up speed
  • Bust: Secret drug lab largest ever in suburban Sydney
  • Crime: Police shoot teen twice
  • World: Afghans ban live television news coverage of militant attacks
  • Nude Bingle pic: Fevola called in by AFL to discuss his role in scandal
  • Petrol prices: True cost of oil 'not reflected at petrol bowser'
  • Politics: Combet becomes the PM's new stalking horse
  • Politics (2): Garrett disappointed with "bruising" demotion
  • Higher education: After My School comes My University
  • Food: Maccas sees a fat profit in dieting
  • Sad but true: Two Russians boil to death in sauna



  • Live: Aussie crowds love real music, stars say
  • Stoush: Danni "wasn't so much dim bulb as a bulb in power cut"
  • Lady Gaga: Message to fans is 'Have Safe Sex'
  • Tragedy: TV presenter found dead in solo sex game-gone wrong
  • Michael Douglas: Blames himself for son's heroin use
  • Ouch: Andy Lee cops mouthful from Megan Gale
  • George Michael: Partying too hard in Sydney to go-go
  • Out of will: Brittany Murphy leaves her husband nothing Wolfmother: Wonderful world
  • Travel: Floating island takes luxury to new level Rihanna: Bares soul on Chris, Jay-Z, drugs and her new album Tonight's TV: Sex the revolution

Tomorrow's weather:

  • Sydney: Mostly fine. Partly cloudy. Min: 21, Max: 27
  • Melbourne: Becoming cloudy. Min: 17, Max: 30
  • Brisbane: Shower or two, Min: 22, Max: 29
  • Perth: Sunny. Min: 16, Max: 28
  • Adelaide: Possible late shower. Min: 17, Max: 30
  • Hobart: Rain later. Min: 13, Max: 26
  • Canberra: Some rain, possible thunderstorm. Min: 17, Max: 24
  • Darwin: Few showers. Min: 25, Max: 33

Product Wars: Best Tablet Device

  • Results so far...

  • 1st - Panasonic Toughbook T8 - 89%
  • 2nd - Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 - 80%
  • 3rd - Lenovo ThinkPad X200 - 64%
  • 4th - Toshiba Portege M750 - 62%
  • 5th - Asus Eee PC T90 - 54%

  • Click here to vote for your favourite.

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