ComputersOff stages new awareness event

ComputersOff stages new awareness event

International Green IT Awareness Week to take the message to consumers and corporations alike

A new event organised by ComputersOff.ORG will seek to raise both individual and corporate sustainability awareness across the globe.

The virtual event - International Green IT Awareness Week - will run from the June 1 to 7. Over the course of the week, ComputersOff will arrange a variety of demonstrations and case studies looking at ways organisations and people can be better sustainable.

ComputersOff CEO, Bianca Wirth, said Awareness Week should encourage people to organise small, local events, and then upload the experiences to the international website.

There’s still a lot that needs to be done on a global level, she added.

“Green awareness varies from business to business. For instance, if you look at a mining company, there’s still plenty that can be done to raise awareness of the benefits of the small things that can be done within the company.”

Consumers will also be targeted during Awareness Week, which is an area that ComputersOff has identified as a key focus in 2010.

“Consumer awareness has been increasing, and programs like ByteBack have done well in raising awareness further, but one of our goals this year is to get Government funding to do more in this space,” Wirth said.

In the two days since the Awareness Week was announced a ‘green drinks’ night in Denmark has been planned. Italian and Canadian groups have also expressed interest in forming local events.

“We wanted an approach that would being together people from around the world to raise awareness,” Wirth said.

Parties interested in the Awareness Week can find more information (as well as a countdown) here.

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