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Cognito Launches Server-Based MoneyWorks Datacentre

  • 25 May, 2004 11:50

<p>Sydney, Australia, 25 May 2004 – Cognito Software, developer of the MoneyWorks range of accounting software systems, has launched MoneyWorks Datacentre – a powerful cross-platform accounting server, used in conjunction with MoneyWorks Gold, to host multiple accounts databases on a central Mac OS X or Windows-based server.</p>
<p>MoneyWorks Datacentre is a dedicated network server for MoneyWorks Gold data, enabling the sharing of accounts for multiple companies or on a central server to meet the needs of existing MoneyWorks customers that have grown and provide an attractive option for larger organisations.</p>
<p>As the only shrink-wrapped software package designed from the ground up to support GST data entry and reporting, the MoneyWorks range offers solutions for almost every Australian business, from the simple and easy MoneyWorks Cashbook for cash based organisations, and the comprehensive MoneyWorks Express for small businesses, to the extensive functionality and high performance multi-user networking of MoneyWorks Gold and ability to share multiple accounts using MoneyWorks Datacentre.</p>
<p>“MoneyWorks is the only accounting software that is totally cross-platform while remaining true to the user interface nuances and platform features of both Mac and Windows. Through MoneyWorks Datacentre we are bringing the benefits of our intuitive and industry leading accounting software to larger organisations,” said Cognito Software managing director Dr Grant Cowie.</p>
<p>The solution for multi-user accounting and larger organisations:
MoneyWorks Datacentre provides all the power, features and flexibility of MoneyWorks Gold, combined with the convenience and security of non-stop server-based networking and centralised administration.</p>
<p>“We developed MoneyWorks Datacentre because our users asked us for a dedicated server version that could share accounts for multiple companies at the same time,” said Dr Cowie. “MoneyWorks Datacentre is a very scalable product and is simply much faster than its nearest competition. The feedback from our beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive.</p>
<p>“MoneyWorks Gold data sharing is already the easiest way to have multi-user network access to a single set of accounts, where one user is the main ‘host user’, taking responsibility for saving, backups and some exclusive operations like opening new accounting periods. However, if you have more than one set of company accounts to share, or if it’s not convenient for one user to take responsibility for being the network host, MoneyWorks Datacentre is the answer,” explained Dr Cowie.</p>
<p>Key features attractive to large organisations include automatic client software updates, eliminating the need for each client machine to be updated manually, and the availability of files to all users on demand without the need for a master user to share the document. Datacentre also automatically makes local backups and monthly archives, with all data hosted on one server folder.</p>
<p>GST support for Australian businesses
Developed in New Zealand in 1992, MoneyWorks is the only shrink-wrapped software package designed from the ground up to provide the best possible GST support for both data entry and GST reporting. It supports the Australian Banking Association format for online banking and produces a BAS Guide to help local businesses fill out their Business Activity Statement (BAS). MoneyWorks products are now used in 27 countries by more than 7,000 organisations and have been available in Australia since 2000.</p>
<p>Pricing and availability:
MoneyWorks Datacentre introduces a concurrent user licencing model where user-licences are paid according to the number of concurrent log-ins, not total client installations. This cost effective option allows organisations to give access to many users without paying expensive licensing costs.
MoneyWorks Gold is priced at AU$895 RRP (inc. GST) with additional user licences available at $300 each. MoneyWorks Datacentre is priced at $2,995 for the server software and three user licences, and $495 for each additional concurrent licence. Australian customers can order MoneyWorks by telephone on 1800 105 449 or online</p>
<p>Fully functional trial versions of MoneyWorks Cashbook, Express and Gold are available for download at</p>
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About Cognito Software:
Cognito Software is based in Auckland, New Zealand and launched the first MoneyWorks accounting software system in 1992. Designed from the ground up to provide the best possible GST support for both data entry and GST reporting, MoneyWorks products are localised or self-localising for GST/VAT systems in New Zealand, Australia, Canada (including support for provincial sales taxes), Nepal, South Africa, Singapore and the UK. MoneyWorks products are now used in 27 countries by more than 7,000 organisations.</p>
<p>For more information contact:
Grant Cowie
Managing Director
Cognito Software
Ph: +649 486 0282
Fax: +649 489 6010
<p>Jody Lennon
Kinetics Pty Ltd
Ph: +61 2 9976 6611

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