Software-based assistant for PC resellers

Software-based assistant for PC resellers

The developer of new software package PC Reseller Assistant claims it will slash the time resellers take to prepare quotes, by giving "touch of a button" configurations and quotations for a number of vendors' PC lines.

The chief technical architect of PC Reseller Assistant, Russell Norman of company Solutions from Silicon, said it is the first of a suite of quoting programs to be released for resellers designed to make quoting fast, easy and accurate.

"The whole system is really based on keeping the reseller right up-to-date with the vendor information," said Norman. "It keeps the whole company consistent - everybody is working off the same thing and it's always up-to-date. All of the vendors are in the one package, the reseller is not working from three or four pricing books and that in itself saves a tremendous amount of time."

The software contains the price lists and specifications of Compaq, Digital, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, NEC and Toshiba PC-based products, from notebooks to servers.

To generate a quote, Norman explained, the reseller selects the vendor, product class and system from the menus. The software then produces the technical details and a picture of the chosenproduct. Options andaccessories available for the product can be selected and the prices are adjusted accordingly. He said quotes for competitor's systems comparable to the customer's choice is possible with the click of a button.

The pricing model can be tailored to suit the reseller's needs, there is a choice of standard or rebate pricing models and the margins can be customised. Norman said the accuracy of quotes will be greatly improved as PC Reseller Assistant minimises the possibility of ordering parts which are not compatible, allowing even novices to quote.

Priced at $950, the program includes updates for 12 months, which will be available over the Internet or on disk. According to Norman these updates will be available, at the least, monthly. "I envisage the updates will be a continuing thing where the reseller can download it any time they like and they will get last week's or yesterday's data.

So there is no real limit on the number of updates they can get.

"All of the data is flagged with an expiry date. The reseller can click on the update button which will launch their Web browser and point them at the Web site; it's all tied in to make it easier to get updates," he said.

Norman encourages resellers to download the free trial version of the program from Solutions from Silicon's web site at

PC Reseller Assistant is available in 16-bit (Windows 3.11) and 32-bit (Windows 95 and Windows NT) versions.

A pre-release version of the company's next product, Software Reseller Assistant, is bundled free with PC Reseller Assistant. Similar software programs for the server and network product lines will be avail-able later this year and early 1998.

Solutions from Silicon

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