The lunch box - 29/01 (updated 4.40pm)

The lunch box - 29/01 (updated 4.40pm)

Welcome to 2010, everyone! We look forward to providing you with news throughout the year, and we all hope 2010 is the start of a very happy decade.

State of the market

  • The market dropped sharply in early trading after strong negative leads from Wall St, it then evened out before falling futher in afternoon trading. At 4.40pm, the S&P/ASX200 was down 103.7 points at 4569.6.
  • The Aussie dollar is down slightly to $US0.8912. Gold is selling for slightly less at $US1084.5 an ounce and the price of oil has risen a fraction to $US73.9 a barrel.

My School launch

General News

Australian Open Tennis



For the Weekend:

  • Plenty of rain around this weekend, so why not get into some classic boardgames with friends and family? Have you tried Monopoly or Scrabble recently? Or how about some card games, like Bridge or Cribbage?

    Games Paradise is a great place to get some ideas or do some shopping, and has everything from the common (Monopoly) to the obscure and hardcore (Avalon Hill titles).

Tomorrow's weather:

  • Sydney: A few showers. Min: 22, Max: 24
  • Melbourne: Sunny. Min: 14, Max: 33
  • Brisbane: Showers. Min: 23, Max: 28
  • Perth: Morning cloud. Min: 22, Max: 30
  • Adelaide: Dry. Sunny. Min: 16, Max: 36
  • Hobart: Fine. Min: 11, Max: 25
  • Canberra: Fine, partly cloud. Min: 14, Max: 29
  • Darwin: Late shower/storm. Min: 27, Max: 33

Product Wars: Best Valentine's Day gadget

  • Results so far...
  • 1: USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner - 77%
  • 2: USB Heart - 75%
  • 3: Red Apple iPod Nano - 60%
  • 4: USB Desktop Photo Frame - 58%
  • 5: MSI U100 Notebook Love Edition - 50%

  • Click here to cast your vote!

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