Tabloid Briefs: Acer, ARNnet winner, APCD, Vertex

Tabloid Briefs: Acer, ARNnet winner, APCD, Vertex

Acer in East Timor

Acer Computer Australia (ACA) has assisted with a project conducted by the Victorian Department of Education, in association with the Victorian Minister for Education, to provide computers and servers for the development of two new libraries in East Timor.

Charles Chung, managing director of ACA, said "It is important that the benefits of the Internet are available to all. This project will help people in Dili access and share information online in their community."

The computer system, which connects libraries in separate locations across the city, is designed to support the four principle languages of East Timor and serve as the basis of an electronic reference library and Internet gateway.

ARNnet winner!

Congratulations to Jon Beets, who is now the proud owner of an ARNnet mug, mobile phone holder and two For Dummies books, and all this just for voting in our online survey and writing a comment. For your chance to win an ARNnet pack, visit us at, vote in our online survey and send in a comment.


Our January 31 issue carried a story in Tabloid titled "The Rumours are Killing Me!!!" and included a reference to a fictitious company called Australian PC Distributors (APCD).

As it happens, some people mistook this company for a real channel company Australasian PC Distributors.

For the record, ARN wishes to advise readers that Australasian PC Distributors is not connected to the fictitious people and companies in our story.

ARN apologises to the real APCD if it suffered any inconvenience.

Mistaken identity 2:

In a news story last week,("IBM on highway to Dell" ARN, 14 February, 2001, page 1) we mistakenly ran the wrong photo. The photo caption said the image was of Vertex Technology MD Tony Iannuzzelli when in was in fact former Vertex sales and marketing manager Steven Stitts. Somebody stuffed up (Tabloid journalist Fawn Llewellyn is the most likely culprit) and a public execution was successful.

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