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Kyocera takes the guess work out of cutting technology costs

Time and money-saving tool calculates the potential for organisations to reduce costs and keep staff
  • 27 January, 2010 17:20

<p>Sydney, Australia – 27 January 2010 - Kyocera Mita, one of the world's leading document imaging companies, is revealing to Australian businesses the true costs of purchasing and running a laser printer, with a unique Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator.</p>
<p>The calculator tool is pre-configured with a variety of printers from all the major vendors, provides a comparative breakdown of key running costs and gives a comprehensive report that demonstrates how Kyocera's ECOSYS technology can save money when compared with other brands and models.</p>
<p>“What many individuals and organisations fail to recognise is that the cost of running a laser printer over its lifetime is likely to exceed the original purchase price by several times, with the largest cost factor by far being consumables,” said David Finn, Managing Director, Kyocera Mita Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>“And, when it becomes a matter of needing to cut costs to keep a business afloat, simply moving to a more cost effective printing environment can often reduce or even remove the need to cut staff during times of economic uncertainty like we’ve experienced over the last 12 to 18 months.”</p>
<p>The TCO calculator tool is available 24/7 for any business or individual looking to reduce costs or considering the purchase of a printer, and enables them to compare the cost of running current printer fleets with a new Kyocera Mita device. It is easy-to-use and provides an instant calculation.</p>
<p>The calculator is available now at <http:></http:></p>
<p>The TCO of a printer or Multifunction Device (MFD) is a combination of its purchase price, consumables and service and maintenance costs (training time, infrastructure and software). It’s not uncommon for the cost of consumables over the life of a laser printer or MFD to be four or more times greater than the initial purchase cost, especially as more companies move to colour and graphics-heavy printing.</p>
<p>“Understanding the real Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has been proven time and time again as having the potential to save businesses thousands of dollars over the life of a single printing device, let alone a fleet,” said Sam Higgins, Research Director, at the analyst firm Longhaus.</p>
<p>“We know from our annual ICT Spending and Priorities Study conducted in 2009 that improving the cost effectiveness of ongoing technology operations was the number one priority for Australian CIOs. The fact is that hasty purchases focused purely on the initial printer hardware price, and which don’t consider whole-of-life requirements, prevent companies from achieving this objective.</p>
<p>“The unfortunate reality is that in the majority of cases the IT department looks only at specifications for a printer or MFD’s suitability to task, and up front purchase cost. It is then other departments that ultimately have to live with devices that, on closer inspection, are found to have high running costs, require time-consuming end user interventions and produce considerable waste that’s harmful to the environment.”</p>
<p>About Kyocera Mita
Kyocera Mita is one of the world's leading document solutions companies and has been dedicated to helping organisations minimise financial and ecological waste for more than 50 years. Delivering a complete range of printers, copiers and other document management solutions, Kyocera is renowned for its unique ECOSYS® durable imaging system. This enables Kyocera to offer cost-saving printer technology with long-life imaging components that provide greater reliability, are friendlier to the environment and present a significantly lower cost per printed page - resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the life of the product. For further information about Kyocera Mita in Australia and New Zealand, visit <http:></http:> or http:// <http:></http:></p>

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