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Symantec Simplifies Information Management for Enterprise Organisations with NetBackup 7

Symantec announces NetBackup 7 to simplify information management for enterprise organisations
  • 27 January, 2010 11:52

<p>Symantec Simplifies Information Management for Enterprise Organisations with NetBackup 7</p>
<p>NetBackup to deliver deduplication everywhere, new virtual machine protection and integrates replication for faster disaster recovery in a single, unified platform</p>
<p>Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 27 January 2010 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced NetBackup 7 to help enterprise-level organisations protect, store and recover information with greater efficiency and reliability through a single, unified platform. The latest release of NetBackup enables organisations to simplify information management while reducing data stores and network traffic by integrating deduplication everywhere – at the client, media server and on third party hardware appliances – thus reducing overall costs. NetBackup also delivers complete virtual machine protection to increase backup and recovery speeds of data within virtual environments and adds new backup replication for fast, cost-effective disaster recovery.</p>
<p>“IT administrators are making backup and recovery a high priority in 2010 to better manage growing data stores and reduce complexity as they add virtual servers into their IT environments,” 1 said Brian Dye, vice president of product management for Enterprise Information Management, Symantec. “NetBackup 7 helps organisations address those challenges by protecting both physical and virtual servers with one solution, reducing storage through deduplication and providing lightning fast recovery speeds.”</p>
<p>1Source: 2010 State of the Data Center, Symantec, Jan. 2010</p>
<p>Deduplication Everywhere</p>
<p>With NetBackup 7, Symantec delivers on its data deduplication everywhere strategy to help organisations reduce overall storage consumption in physical and virtual environments by adding data deduplication technology into the backup client and at the media server. By integrating deduplication closer to the data source at the client, NetBackup increases the speed and efficiency of backups in remote offices, data centres and virtual environments and reduces network traffic by up to 90 percent. Deduplication built into the backup client eliminates the need for additional specialised hardware and configuration since customers just need to upgrade to the latest version to realise dramatic storage savings.</p>
<p>NetBackup also helps enterprises to better leverage third party storage appliances from hardware partners through the Symantec OpenStorage Technology (OST) program. According to the 2010 State Of The Data Centre report, 62 percent of survey respondents said deduplication should be both built-in to backup software and implemented in deduplication appliances. Integration with NetBackup through OST allows organisations to also leverage deduplication hardware from a wide range of partners, including Quantum, ExaGrid Systems, FalconStor and more.</p>
<p>Simple and Complete Virtual Machine Protection</p>
<p>As the adoption of virtual technologies increases, so do backup challenges and complexities. NetBackup simplifies virtual server data
protection by standardising backup of Hyper-V and VMware, increasing the backup speed of virtual environments through both deduplication and block-level incremental backup technology, and delivering efficient single file restore capabilities.</p>
<p>In the 2010 State Of The Data Centre survey, organisations cited granular recovery within virtual machine images as the biggest challenge in virtual machine data protection. NetBackup 7 delivers instant file recovery from a block-level incremental backup for VMware vSphere environments and easy recovery of an individual file or folder from an image-level backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine. By leveraging NetBackup’s deduplication and incremental backup technology within virtual environments, organisations can dramatically increase the speed of backups while reducing storage for virtual machine backups up to 95 percent. NetBackup also enables IT administrators to reduce the impact of backup operations on virtual machines by using off-host for Hyper-V and block-level backup technologies for VMware.</p>
<p>Improving Disaster Recovery With Integrated Replication</p>
<p>Newly integrated replication technology within the NetBackup platform allows organisations to transfer up to 95 percent less data between
various locations. This helps ensure quick and easy recovery of applications and backup data anywhere and at any time, reducing costs and management cycles associated with tape-based disaster recovery. NetBackup also adds backup catalog replication as a standard feature within the main console, which further simplifies and streamlines disaster recovery.</p>
<p>To help customers centrally manage their data protection environments and provide a single view of their backup and recovery operation, NetBackup 7 introduces a built-in reporting and management console called OpsCentre. This new console standardises monitoring and reporting of both backup and archive information for key Symantec products including NetBackup, NetBackup PureDisk, Backup Exec and Enterprise Vault. Organisations can also leverage advanced analytical features and report on third party backup products using OpsCentre Analytics. This combined functionality allows organisations to reduce disaster recovery risks across locations and standardise how they view both backup and archive information.</p>
<p>Supporting Quotes</p>
<p>“We are backing up approximately 6,500 systems with nearly 4 petabytes of data each month and look forward to leveraging NetBackup 7 to centralise our backup and recovery operations and manage our data stores,” says Paul Ferraro, director of information technology for Qualcomm Incorporated. “Based on initial testing, we are excited about achieving positive results through the new integrated client-side deduplication in NetBackup and believe we will improve storage utilisation.”</p>
<p>“As the only Level One trauma facility in the region, we cannot afford to have data loss interrupt our business,” said Al Schipani, manager of server engineering, Westchester Medical Center. “Symantec NetBackup protects our information so it is readily available and reduces backup times with minimal hardware costs. Our environment is 70 percent virtual, and NetBackup enables us to access remote files in less than 30 minutes, a process that used to take up to two days.”</p>
<p>“We strive to provide our customers with the best solutions to effectively manage their increasing data volumes and ensure information can be quickly and easily accessed during a disaster or outage,” said Kurt Klein, president and CEO of CMT, a Symantec Platinum partner and member of the NetBackup 7 early adopter program. “With NetBackup 7, we’ll be able to standardise our customers’ backup and recovery operations across both physical and virtual environments, helping them simplify their information management while minimising risk and maximising storage resources to keep costs down.”</p>
<p>Symantec NetBackup Services</p>
<p>Symantec offers a broad array of services to help organisations deploy, integrate and operate highly effective NetBackup environments. NetBackup Services help organisations get the most from their NetBackup investments by improving storage efficiency, infrastructure use and recovery times.</p>
<p>Availability and Pricing</p>
<p>Symantec NetBackup 7 is scheduled to be available worldwide on Feb. 1, 2010 with a suggested price of $7,995 USD for an Enterprise Server and five client licenses.</p>
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