NBN providers handbook released

NBN providers handbook released

Communications Alliance End User Premises group calls for comment on its handbook for implementing and connecting the NBN to businesses and homes

The Communications Alliance has released a draft handbook outlining guidelines and practices for potential stakeholders around the National Broadband Network (NBN).

According to the industry group, the new text, entitled National Broadband Network End User Premises Installation, Distribution, Testing and Associated Practice Handbook, is designed as a reference point for industry and construction providers, government, regulators and the NBN Co around implementing and connecting the next-generation network at the end-user premise.

Topics covered in the 50-page technical handbook include how to develop a common architecture and language, outlines of main components and details surrounding those, a view of features, installation, testing and diagnostics options, and details on government/industry standards and codes. Although initially focused on fixed access technologies such a fibre-to-the-premise, the group is planning an updated guide incorporating wireless technologies in the near future.

“The End User Premises Handbook marks a significant milestone for the NBN Project as we begin focusing on the delivery of services to end-users,” outgoing Communications Alliance CEO, Anne Hurley, said in a statement. “This handbook will provide a reference point and common language for all involved in the NBN End User Premises environment to explore the issues and determine appropriate solutions.”

The handbook has been developed by the End User Premises Working Group, situated within the Communication Alliance’s NBN Project team, and is available here. Those interested in commenting on the draft text have until February 12 to submit feedback.

The $43 billion NBN was announced in early 2009 as one of the largest infrastructure projects in Australian history. Since then, increasing attention has been placed on developing consumer and business applications on top of the national network.

The NBN Project was established in July 2009 and penned two complementary whitepapers relating to NBN reference architecture and the NBN Wholesale Service Definition Framework late last year.

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