Seizing the day

Seizing the day

Personal Innovation, Sales Excellence - Chris Moyle

Plenty of kids grow up with dreams of taking to the skies as pilots, but EMC channel manager, Chris Moyle, was one of the few to make it a reality.

“When I started out at school, my goal was to be an airline pilot,” he said. “At that point in time the airline industry was in recession, recruitment intakes were done every four years and you were no longer eligible at the ripe old age of 27 to 28.”

Worried about an unstable future and seeking a backup plan, Moyle took on a technical job as a systems programmer before moving into contracting and consulting – all the while training hard and going for his wings.

“I got a commercial licence, I trained to an airline transport pilot’s licence level and got to fly corporate jets in the late 1980s,” Moyle said.

While his time as a pilot for high-flying executives was filled with episodes of varying debauchery, it is the period’s corporate excess that Moyle remembers best.

“I remember Pixie Skase [wife of disgraced billionaire, Christopher Skase] would take the corporate jet to come down to Melbourne for a shopping trip. She’d come down the stairs in Melbourne and get back a few hours later with some shopping bags before flying back,” he said.

But despite achieving his goal and living the dream, Moyle eventually decided to challenge himself even more and sought out a career in IT. His efforts were recognised this year with the ARN Personal Innovation award for Sales Excellence.

“I think I won the Personal Innovation award for my work over the past three years in building a distribution business within EMC,” he said.

“It’s a company that over the past five to seven years, has moved from being a high-end enterprise company to the commercial and SMB markets. While we’re building up distribution, we’re also transitioning our organisation in to a model that supports an SMB market.

“There are supply chain implications as well as sales, marketing and so on. So a lot of things needed to be managed in our business before we could function effectively in a distribution model.”

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