Intel cuts prices on some Pentium III chips

Intel cuts prices on some Pentium III chips

Intel cut the prices of chips from various processor families over the weekend, including all but the fastest Pentium III processor for desktops.

The price cuts, Intel's first since late October, are just in time for the holiday-buying season, but Intel did not reduce prices of its high-end desktop processor for consumers, the 2GHz Pentium 4, which was dropped from $US562 to $401 during the last price slash.

This time around, the 1.2GHz version of Intel's Pentium III for desktops remains at $241, its previous price, but prices for all other processors in that family were dropped, according to information on Intel's Web site. The 1.13GHz version of the chip, the only 0.13-micron member of the desktop Pentium III family, had its price dropped from $193 to $173, as did the 0.18-micron 1.1GHz version of the chip.

The remaining five chips in the family were all cut to $143, in quantities of 1000. That equals a $30 drop for the 1GHz version of the chip, and a $20 drop for the 933MHz, 900MHz, 866MHz and 850MHz versions of the processor.

Intel dropped the price of one entry-level desktop Celeron processor, the 950MHz version, to $64. Following that price cut, Intel now has five members of the Celeron family at the same price.

Intel also dropped the prices of both chips in its Pentium III Processor-S family, the 0.13-micron chips for servers. The 1.13GHz Pentium III-S, the first 0.13-micron processor launched by Intel, was dropped from $235 to $202, while the 1.26GHz version was dropped from $300 to $241. The shrink from 0.18 microns to 0.13 microns is designed to increase the performance of chips without greatly increasing power consumption or the amount of heat generated.

Intel also cut the price of its 1GHz Pentium III processor for servers and workstations, with a 133MHz front-side bus going from $173 to $149.

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