Hypertec warns assemblers on memory

Hypertec warns assemblers on memory

Memory manufacturer Hypertec has warned assemblers to be wary of cheap memory using brand-name silicon.

The problem is not in the silicon, but in another integral part of the memory module -- the resistor networks. "Many people have got a false impression of what signifies a good product versus one that is not so good," said Hypertec product manager for Asia Pacific, Peter Medak. "They are putting all their faith in the quality of the silicon, which of course is an important part of the memory chip, but it is not everything."

Hypertec claims some overseas manufacturers are using quality brand-name silicon such as Hyundai, but skimping on resistor networks.

"They are not that expensive but they need to be designed onto the boards and it is not only the cost but the manufacturing time -- if you are talking 1000 modules, it adds up," technical response centre manager Eric Ung told ARN. "If a person doesn't know, they think by choosing a brand-name silicon they are getting the best-quality product. The trouble for us is we have to compete against it on price."

Hypertec deals directly with its reseller base and uses distributors in places such as North Queensland where the manufacturer is not well represented by its reseller community.

According to Medak, that gives the company the advantage in being able to respond to market pressures.

"If the market wants Hyundai silicon, we can do that. But other distributors don't have that luxury and no one questions the quality.

PC assemblers are often putting themselves at a price disadvantage when they request a certain brand name of silicon, he said.

Photograph: Hypertec Asia Pacific product manager Peter Medak

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