Company Profile: Siltek Asia Pacific

Company Profile: Siltek Asia Pacific

Who Are We?

Siltek Asia Pacific is a technology distributor; our subsidiary companies are Agate Technology (focus: hard disk drive storage) SAN Solutions and Prion Technology (focus: PCs, notebooks, servers,printers). Siltek Asia Pacific is part of a multimillion dollar South African parent organisation and is perfectly positioned to provide resellers with the versatility, flexibility and the security they demand.

Company founder, Hugh Evans, Siltek Asia Pacific managing director comments on our future:

"Even as we continue to build the values of Siltek Asia Pacific, we understand the boundaries between technologies are blurring. Our links within the Siltek Group mean exciting possibilities for new technology partnerships. And that means we can be first out of the starting blocks when it comes to bringing innovative products and services to our resellers"At Siltek Asia Pacific we are committed to reinvesting our success in future growth. Current expansion plans will see additional facilities at a number of key locations around New Zealand and Australia at first, then expanding into Asia.

Our People: Our Lifeblood, Our Future

The best laid plans, the finest innovations and the greatest ideas are nothing without the commitment of a strong team. The people in the Siltek Asia Pacific Group are our lifeblood and our future. Just how important the staff is at Siltek Asia Pacific is probably best summed up by Hugh Evans.

"Over the past year people have congratulated me on the performance of the company. And on each and every occasion I have unequivocally put this success down to the people it has been our good fortune to have on our team. They have all made a significant contribution to our growth and success through their dedication, hard work, and innovative approach to business. Our attitude is that there's no room in the industry for treading water, and as a company - and a team of talented individuals - we are committed to constantly improving the way we do things, improving processes, raising standards and just getting the job done"For Siltek Asia Pacific, the objective is to instill in our staff a thorough knowledge of the company and its culture - and a genuine enthusiasm for its values. After all, customer satisfaction begins with staff satisfaction. It's not just about work: it's about enjoying the job and having a can-do attitude, it's about putting personality and character into everything you do . . . It's about believing you are good, but knowing you can always do better.

Customers: For Life!

Our customers are our passion - we want to attract new customers and keep all customers - for life! We have an ongoing programme in our business called "Customers for Life" and we actively encourage our staff to:

- Make it easy to do business with us

- Provide "value-add" for each customer

- Provide exceptional customer service

- Understand our customers' needs

Why Work For Us?

Training & further Education

Siltek supports employees, both financially and with time off, to further their education on company-approved courses, as well as providing regular training on products and core competencies. We want our employees to grow and develop with the company.

Awards & Recognition

We encourage the recognition of employees and have established recognition programmes to acknowledge those people making innovative or practical contributions and those showing a high degree of productivity. The formal recognition program includes:

- Employee of the Month

- Sales Person of the Month

- Siltek 100% Club (Sales most prestigious award)- Long Service Award (3,5,10,15 years continuous service)In addition to this, we ensure we provide competitive salary packages, which include salary insurance, group life insurance, discounted private health membership and choice of superannuation fund.

Open Door Communications

Siltek encourages an open door policy for communication among all levels of employees. These lines of communication are in place to answer work-related questions, resolve employee concerns, promote fair treatment, and contribute to a more positive work environment.

In addition to this we hold a monthly all-employee meeting, called "Break loose!" where Hugh Evans updates all staff on important information regarding any business developments, successes and challenges. Winners of our recognition and reward programmes are also announced at these sessions. The sessions are followed by snacks and drinks and provide the opportunity to mingle with fellow work colleagues.

Does Siltek sound like a company where you would like to work? Then please visit our Web site for further information or to see what employment opportunities are available (if interested, you can apply directly from our site or call Jodette Cleary, HR Manager, on (02) 9870 1007.

Contact: Jodette Cleary

Phone: (02) 9870 1007

Fax: (02) 9870 1001


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