Anti-radiation jeans. No, really

Anti-radiation jeans. No, really

Hot on the heels of Australian research that suggests that there's no link between mobile phones and cancer, Levi Strauss has announced an upcoming range of jeans that will feature "anti-radiation fabric". The jeans will be released under the Dockers brand and have already been launched in Europe.

Levi Strauss is quick to point out that they are in no way trying to suggest that mobile phones are dangerous, saying instead that the company is merely responding to what its customers want from its clothing. However, in true corporate fence-sitting fashion, the clothing giant's spokesperson hastened to add that the debate over mobile phones is ongoing, and that while there is no evidence that phones are dangerous, there's no evidence to the contrary either.

The range of pants will be launched next year and will go by the ever-so-cool brand of Icon S-Fit.

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