How to tell lies!

How to tell lies!

If you think I am going to tell you how to get away with little white lies or even dirty big black ones . . . you're wrong, but read on and you'll know what I mean by the heading.

Someone once said if you live by the sword then you die by it. Well whoever said that didn't live in Los Angeles. Forget the sword in LA, you need a gun. You need a gun because you need protection - protection to ensure you have the ability and means to defend yourself with the same force and skill as you encounter.

In business too you need to be armed. You need to be armed with the knowledge to tell when someone is not quite telling you the whole truth or when they are downright lying.

But how do you know when someone is fibbing? How can you tell a lie when you hear one or read one?

When it comes to con men, it's very hard to spot an expert. It's like burglary; if they are going to target you, no protection or security will help. Deception is a real art and hard to identify when properly executed. It's best to leave these people to those who have had formal training in the art of deception: Lawyers, Police and Judges. They are all formally trained in how to spot a liar. Some would argue that they actually make the best liars.

Let's talk about those annoyingly mischievous amateur fibbers and how to deal with them. Here are a few in no particular order.

Salespeople: most are honest like you and I. However, some have been lying, so well and for so long that they actually believe their own lies. These people unfortunately make very successful salespeople, but luckily they don't last too long in any one industry. Today computers, tomorrow swimming pools.

Experts and consultants: be cautious about the advice given by so called experts and consultants. Some say that an expert is a "has been" who "spurts" off at the mouth.

Wholesalers: never believe a wholesaler when they tell you that you're getting the best price; make them prove it.

Couriers: when it comes to couriers, doubt everything you hear, get it in writing.

Telephone companies: no comment except, "God forgives those who don't even know they're lying."

Your Boss: if it's a promise, get it in writing, it'll save heaps of time later in court.

Stockbrokers: if they say it's a sure thing, hang up.

Any large bureaucracy: see telephone companies (above).

Finance companies: read the fine print.

Hardware vendors: well, we don't believe them any more anyway.

Journalists: hmmm . . . what do they say about not believing what you read?

Technical support: if they say read the manual, ask them if they themselves have.

Software companies: if you can use it and it doesn't crash, ever, then it's really finished, otherwise they are just beta testing the truth.

Computer resellers: If they say they only use the best possible parts in their PC, get a really long warranty!

Yes, there are many annoying liars in all industries. Get acquainted with their traits and arm yourself.

Like they say, believe little of what you hear and even less of what you read.

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