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Australia to Host Asia Pacific Next Generation Networking Technology Event

AARNet announces it will host the 29th Asia Pacific Advanced Networking Consortium meeting in Sydney
  • 16 December, 2009 15:28

<p>Australia to Host Asia Pacific Next Generation Networking Technology Event</p>
<p>Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 16 December 2009 – AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network) will demonstrate new boundaries in the research and development of next generation applications and services when it hosts the 29th Asia Pacific Advanced Networking Consortium meeting in Sydney (APAN29) from 8-11 February 2010.</p>
<p>About 300 eminent researchers, educators and medical professionals from Australia, China, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia and New Zealand will attend a four day event that includes demonstrations, presentations, tutorials and case studies to showcase how advanced collaboration over high-speed networks can be used to support the work of medical, research and scientific communities.</p>
<p>Keynote speakers confirmed for the event include Rene Buch, CEO of The Nordic Infrastructure for Research and Education (NORDUNET) and Dr. Shinji Shimojo, an Executive Researcher at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology and a Director of JGN2plus, an open testbed network for R&amp;D.</p>
<p>Buch will be speaking about The Global Knowledge Infrastructure which will look at the evolution of a technology-centric infrastructure into a knowledge infrastructure of the future by federating regional resources. Shimojo will present a case study for the research and education network. It will examine the efforts of future network research in Japan and discuss what the research and education community can achieve together with the Future Network Research community.</p>
<p>Mary Fleming, AARNet’s Business Development Director said, “AARNet is pleased to host delegates attending APAN29. This event will demonstrate the importance of a high-speed network and its importance in supporting the advancement of the research and education community. Through AARNet, we are using our network to prove how a separate network can cater to the needs of a community that thrives on innovation and collaboration.”</p>
<p>During APAN29, AARNet will leverage its network to demonstrate SageBridge, a multi-site OptIPortal High Definition / 4K video technology for the sharing of high-definition video content over high-speed research networks. AARNet will connect a network of OptiPortals in Australia and overseas on a 10Gbps connection.</p>
<p>Topics to be covered at APAN29 include:</p>
<p>• Applications: Medical, High Definition TV, e-Science, Middleware and e-Culture</p>
<p>• Networking technology: IPv6, Network, Lambda, Security</p>
<p>• Natural resources: Agriculture, Earth Monitoring, and Environmental sensors</p>
<p>For further information, visit Companies interested in sponsoring APAN29 can contact Mary Fleming at (02) 9779 6957 or email</p>
<p>About AARNet</p>
<p>AARNet Pty Ltd (APL) is the company that operates Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet). It is a not-for-profit company limited by shares. The shareholders are 37 Australian universities and the CSIRO. AARNet provides high-capacity leading edge Internet services for the tertiary education and research sector communities and their research partners. AARNet serves more than one million end users who access the network through local area networks at member institutions. For further information, please visit:</p>
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