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Progress Software adds more powerful Business Application Visibility and Service Management to OpenEdge SaaS Platform

Progress Software announced today that business application visibility is a key focus of the enhancements within the newest version of Progress® OpenEdge®(shipping in December). Progress views service management as key to cloud computing era of software deployment as ISVs’ roles expand beyond just building applications to assuring uptime and performance
  • 10 December, 2009 11:37

<p>Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), a leading software infrastructure provider that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive, announced today that business application visibility is a key focus of the enhancements within the newest version of Progress® OpenEdge®(shipping in December). The OpenEdge SaaS platform simplifies the development of business applications and with this latest release, eases the delivery of business-critical applications embedded with the technology required for effectively managing them from development to deployment.</p>
<p>Specifically, the latest version of the OpenEdge SaaS platform will ensure all applications developed integrate seamlessly with key features from the Progress® Actional® product, a powerful Progress offering that provides business transaction assurance that ensures the success of all transactions. With this level of management, companies can now achieve operational and business visibility, root cause analysis, and the added control of services required in a heterogeneous environment.</p>
<p>“Through the testing of the newest version of the OpenEdge platform, we found that having the ability to monitor the OpenEdge Application server, with Progress Actional, has increased our visibility into multiple application servers at the same time. And, with the Actional integration we are now able to more closely monitor our resources to drive more efficiency and optimize our business transaction across the enterprise,” said Jan Keirse, software engineer, of TVH Forklift Parts.</p>
<p>In addition to being trusted for over 20 years as a development platform for on-premises application installations, the Progress OpenEdge SaaS platform simplifies and streamlines the development, integration, and management of business applications for deployment ‘in the cloud’. The enhancements within the newest version of the OpenEdge platform will provide the ability for service providers to gain better visibility for applications that are deployed across both on-premises and in the cloud simultaneously, simplifying management for application based on Progresstechnology.</p>
<p>“Our emphasis on expanding features that guarantee better business visibility and management of applications built using the OpenEdge SaaS platform is a strategy that addresses an undeniable trend - that ISVs are now expected to not only act as software developers, but also to take on the responsibility of keeping those applications up and running,” said Colleen Smith, Managing Director, Progress OpenEdge SaaS platform. “Our ISVs are increasingly being viewed as business service providers, and as their customers entrust more mission-critical business processes to technology, they want better assurances in place to mitigate the potential risk of downtime.”</p>
<p>Hear more about the Progress OpenEdge SaaS Platform with Business Visibility in the following two minute podcast:</p>
<p>In addition to the benefit to ISVs and business service providers of being able to ensure business visibility of all of their applications, Progress sees the inclusion of enhancements to assist in service management as an emerging differentiator in the ISV market and indicative of a larger shift in thinking within IT. Smith adds “We think that by improving operational and business visibility, we can remove the divide between IT and business and get everyone pulling in the same direction – toward creating more operationally responsive organizations.”</p>
<p>More details on the OpenEdge SaaS platform are available at:</p>
<p>About Progress Software Corporation</p>
<p>Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur – to capitalize on new opportunities, drive greater efficiencies and reduce risk. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class infrastructure software spanning event-driven visibility and real-time response, open integration, data access and integration, and application development and deployment – all supporting on-premises and SaaS/Cloud deployments. Progress maximizes the benefits of operational responsiveness while minimizing IT complexity and total cost of ownership. Progress can be reached at</p>

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