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Ricoh Australia’s local team develops cost-cutting solutions

Ricoh Australia’s Business Solutions Group (BSG) has launched a new embedded application to help organisations set limits on print and copy use. ESA QuotaManager was developed locally by Ricoh Australia’s BSG to answer to local customer demand for a solution that adds accountability and cost control to a range of Ricoh’s fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs).
  • 03 December, 2009 13:24

<p>This latest release in Ricoh Australia’s comprehensive range of business-driven applications was developed in the company’s Printing Innovation Centre (PIC) in Sydney. Opened earlier this year, the PIC fosters an environment of idea-creation that can be developed into high-value services and solutions. With other Ricoh centres strategically located in London, New York, Japan and Singapore Ricoh is able to leverage a wide variety of capabilities and resources, enabling global collaboration.</p>
<p>“ESA QuotaManager demonstrates the ability of our in-house team to recognise customer needs and provide an affordable solution that offers significant cost efficiencies,” stated Kathy Wilson, Ricoh Australia’s General Manager of Business Solutions &amp; Production.
“The standard MFD is able to account for users copying and printing but doesn’t restrict the amount they can do. With ESA QuotaManager our customers can now set a limit on the amount of prints and copies a user can do – they can even set separate limits for black &amp; white and colour usage, for each individual,” Wilson said.</p>
<p>Being an embedded application, ESA QuotaManager does not require a server, making it a cost-effective remedy for school environments or small commercial offices, such as real-estate agents who want to ensure that staff MFD use doesn’t get out of control.</p>
<p>“The current economic climate has reinforced the importance of good business practice and cost control,” commented Wilson, adding “We are developing solutions that help organisations better manage and improve business processes.”</p>
<p>Another application, ESA TransFormer, also created by the BSG, is now being developed for release to the broader Asia-Pacific region due to its success in Australia. ESA TransFormer is an embedded application which allows a paper document to be scanned and converted into various useable documents at the touch of a button – including Microsoft® Word documents, Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets or searchable PDFs.</p>
<p>“As an innovation hub, the PIC offers customers, developers and Ricoh staff a collaborative environment to identify and generate ideas where creative thinking can provide real solutions and cost savings. It’s great to see applications created by our team here in Sydney that have effectively filled a hole in customer demand and see it offered to Ricoh’s overseas market,” Wilson concluded.</p>
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