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Axway Track & Trace 3.0 passes GS1 EPCglobal Certification program for compliance with the EPCIS standard

Latest release provides enhanced security to detect diversion, counterfeiting and fraud
  • 02 December, 2009 15:02

<p>SYDNEY, December 2, 2009 – Providing superior visibility of serialised products as they travel through the supply chain, Axway today launched Axway Track &amp; Trace 3.0. Axway Track &amp; Trace is now GS1 EPCglobal-certified for using the AS2 communications protocol, guaranteeing interoperability and enhanced security for the delivery of GS1 Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) messages.</p>
<p>Axway is the first vendor having EPCIS certified to the AS2 binding, which guarantees the delivery of the EPCIS query/response messages between partners. This further enhances an organisation’s ability to exchange critical product information in real-time, as an integrated part of their business operations.</p>
<p>“By choosing software with a GS1 EPCglobal Software Compliance Certification Mark, the end-user can be confident the software will perform according to defined GS1 EPCglobal standards,” said Chris Adcock, president of EPCglobal Inc. “With this information readily available, they will have more time to focus their resources in completing pilots and capturing information.”</p>
<p>With Axway Track &amp; Trace, trade communities can reduce the opportunity for counterfeiting, diversion and fraud through serialisation and authentication, while at the same time complying with various industry regulations. Axway Track &amp; Trace manages serialised events and product lifecycles in an open, GS1 standards-based solution. The solution’s components integrate with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to provide visibility into product lifecycle tracking. It helps organisations achieve global regulatory compliance, assure the integrity of product data and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.</p>
<p>Axway Track &amp; Trace’s three main functions:
• Securely capture, retrieve, transfer and manage serialised event data about products, documents, returnable assets, trading relationships, etc.
• Centrally manage serial number generation and allocation
• Easily integrate with third-party systems</p>
<p>Major enhancements incorporated into the newest version of Axway Track &amp; Trace include:
• EPCglobal Certification—Axway Track &amp; Trace conforms to the EPCIS 1.0 certification standards, ensuring interoperability with all EPCIS-certified organisations. As part of this certification, users can support all query/response messages from any other EPCIS- certified organisation. Track &amp; Trace includes preloaded business vocabulary that drastically reduces implementation time.
• HTTP(s) and AS2 Binding—Adding HTTP(s) and AS2 binding via EPCIS Query Callback Interface provides enhanced security for organisations concerned with data leakage as product information flows between trading partners. This functionality also ensures guaranteed delivery of messages within the trading community.
• New user interface—Axway Track &amp; Trace provides a unified design and single sign-on into EPCIS event, master data management and serial number manager modules, smoothing the end-user experience.</p>
<p>“Our industry-recognised strength in managed file transfer (MFT) was a real asset to us as we built new functionality into our Axway Track &amp; Trace solution,” said Kim Loughead, director, product and solutions marketing, Axway. “Knowing that security is a top priority for all organisations, Axway Track &amp; Trace helps create secure trading communities that protect sensitive and mission-critical data, to reduce risk and comply with industry regulations. This functionality will become increasingly important as more organisations look to take advantage of product serialization.”</p>
<p>Axway Track &amp; Trace is part of a suite of products focusing on product serialisation, risk management and supply chain visibility, and can be integrated with existing ERP systems.</p>
<p>More information on Axway Track &amp; Trace can be found at;trace.
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<p>About GS1 EPCglobal Standards
GS1 EPCglobal standards are a set of integrated industry-driven standards which have been developed to meet user’s requirements enabling the identification of objects, data capture and sharing of information among partners throughout the supply chain. These standards are developed within the framework of EPCglobal Inc.</p>
<p>About EPCIS (EPC Information Services)
EPCIS is a standard used to track the progress of objects as they move through the supply chain. The data shared at each read point in the supply chain provides WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of each read. EPCIS provides the Information Services necessary for the storage, communication and dissemination of EPC data. It provides standards event capture and query interfaces for obtaining and sharing information about unique objects in the supply chain within and across organisations.</p>
<p>About EPCglobal Inc
EPCglobal Inc is a subsidiary of the global not-for-profit standards organisation GS1, and supports the global adoption of the Electronic Product Code as industry-driven standards to enable accurate, immediate and cost-effective visibility of information throughout the supply chain.
For more information about EPCglobal Inc, visit:</p>
<p>About Axway
Axway is the Business Interaction Networks company — the only provider in the market today to manage, run, secure, and monitor all of your business interactions, including email, files, messaging, services, events, and processes. Serving over 11,000 organisations in more than 100 countries, Axway facilitates the multi-enterprise transactions, processes and integration that accelerate business by eliminating the barriers between vendors, customers, departments, partners and suppliers. Axway's comprehensive offerings include business-to-business integration, managed file transfer, secure email, business activity monitoring, enterprise application integration, service-oriented architecture, business process management, track &amp; trace and identity validation solutions. Axway provides professional and managed services, as well as cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Axway's global presence spans 20 countries.</p>
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