Optus and NEC offer single phone numbers to SMBs

Optus and NEC offer single phone numbers to SMBs

Partnership provides SMBs with refinancing for PABX equipment as well as new plans to combine landline and mobile phones

NEC and Optus have partnered to give SMB customers one phone number across their mobile and desk phone tools.

One Office will allow companies with up to 200 employees to combine their mobile and landline phone systems into a single package. Customers can also join Optus’ PABX program, ‘yes’ Business Totality, to purchase NEC PABX equipment as part of a refinancing deal.

According to Optus marketing director for SMB, Phil Offer, the new offering provides SMBs with the chance to have just one number for both mobile phones and landlines and answer calls wherever they are.

“If a customer calls, it can be ringing their desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously,” he said. “That also means they can have the one voicemail box on their mobile.

“The advantage is you never miss those calls from your customers and you’re not having to wait to call them back.”

Under the partnership, customers can choose from NEC’s IP SV8000 series of communication servers. ‘yes’ Business Totality clients get national equipment support and servicing from the vendor and not Optus.

“This product, because it’s whole-of-business and you’re dealing with one provider, reduces the cost because it’s highly competitive. It also reduces the time you spend on administration,” Offer said.

The Optus plans were bespoke and depended on the number of lines used as well as the exchange being used for calls, he said. While the equipment had upfront costs and could be purchased outright, financing options could spread the cost of the unit over a period of time.

“An Optus partner will go out and check the locations and they’ll put together the bespoke pricing around the phone system and the cost of the plan,” he said. “The lowest upfront plan in terms of the phone equipment is under $1000, but it’s quite bespoke as you get to the top.”

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