Regus: Workplace stress way too high

Regus: Workplace stress way too high

Recession biting into more than organisation's and individual's pockets - rising stress levels are becoming a critical issue in the workplace

The economic climate is taking its toll on workers physical health, with six in 10 in key global economies experiencing a rise in workplace stress over the last two years.

A global survey undertaken by corporate consultants, Regus Group, asked more than 11,000 respondents from 13 countries about their experience during tough economic times. Australia was one of the better performing nations in the survey, reporting a relatively low 55 per cent of respondents experiencing a rise in workplace stress.

The main causes for stress were an increased focus on profitability as a result of the recession (40 per cent), and the risk of unemployment or business failure, which affected 36 per cent of survey respondents. Regus also found that workers in larger companies experienced a greater level of stress than those in smaller firms.

China was the most stressed country globally, with 86 per cent reporting a rise in stress. The Netherlands and Germany were the best overall, with 47 and 48 per cent respectively.

In a release, Regus Group regional vice-president, William Willems, claimed it will be another 12 months before a proper recovery in staged in the economy. As a result, stress will be a persistent issue that companies need to deal with.

“Stress in the workforce can provide companies with real problems: Management and work productivity can be seriously impaired, motivation levels may be damaged, and conflict between colleagues can undermine professionalism,” Willems said in the release.

“With any of these factors in play, companies will see damage to bottom-line commercial and financial results. At a time when firms are fighting to return to significant growth, managing stress becomes a crucial issue.”

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