Network Associates's Gaunlet boosts firewall protection

Network Associates's Gaunlet boosts firewall protection

Security software vendor Network Associates has announced anti-virus software WebShield for Firewalls and Gauntlet Firewall 2.1 for Windows NT, both of which will be offered as part of the Gauntlet Active Firewall Suite designed for corporate networks.

The suite scans for viruses as traffic enters the firewall, but does not slow the firewall down or increase the risk of viruses entering a vulnerable system, which is a concern for network administrators, according to Wes Wasson, director of product marketing at Network Associates' Net Tools Secure division.

The Gauntlet Firewall 2.1, used in securing Internet, intranet and extranet connections, determines what traffic gets into the network, while WebShield scans for viruses, Wasson said.

WebShield for Firewalls scans HTTP, FTP, and SMTP transmissions in real time, Network Associates said in a company statement. Viruses can be automatically cleaned, deleted or quarantined for future analysis and origin tracing. Network administrators can set up separate policies for incoming and outgoing mail to prevent the transmission of infected files to other companies, said Network Associates.

WebShield for Firewalls detects over 16,000 known viruses, and keeps up with the 300 new viruses found each month using variant and Heuristic technology, Network Associates said. The Gauntlet Active Firewall Suite also includes the CyberCop intrusion protection software, which protects networks from internal and external attacks.

Local pricing for the Gauntlet Active Firewall Suite will be announced shortly. SORRY. HOWARTH WebShield for Firewall is the first all-new product as a result of Network Associates' acquisition of Trusted Information Systems (TIS) in a stock swap valued at $US300 million that was announced on February 23, and finalised on April 28.

TIS previously manufactured firewall, key recovery management and anti-hacker network monitoring software, including the Gauntlet firewall product.

In the past, Network Associates has been pulled in two different directions: network security and network management. However, during the last six months, through acquisitions and internal developments, the company has moved toward providing integrated security and management enterprise software, Wasson said.

"We've been able to pull the principle product lines together, from a firewall perspective," Wasson said, adding that TIS had an outstanding Unix firewall and a strong security consulting division which complemented Network Associates' distribution channels and Windows NT development.

Network Associates retained almost all of the TIS Unix developers and engineers and hopes to bring its Windows NT firewall up to par with its Unix version, Wasson said.

While the company has placed most of its emphasis on easing the implementation and installation of its firewall and security software, for the next three to nine months Network Associates will be focusing on further integration of these products, Wasson said.

Network Associates is setting the trend, and other companies will need to develop partnerships in other areas within security software order to compete with the company, Wasson concluded.

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