Lava flowing freely in Australia

Lava flowing freely in Australia

Providing customers with all-in-one solutions is something which resellers have been promised since time immemorial. It's an attractive opportunity but all too often there are gaping holes which make it more of a hole-in-one solution.

According to the Australian founders of Lava Systems, Peter McBride and Ian Halliday, though their Lava 4.3 product is the first client/server application which combines document management, imaging and workflow in the one system, "It's the only fully integrated system that encompasses those processes," said McBride.

While the company is headed by the two Australians, it is headquartered in Canada where both McBride and Halliday live. They recently visited this country to assist in the establishment of a local channel for the company's flagship product.

Heading the Australian operation of Lava, and ultimately responsible for implementing the support and general mechanics of the channel is Trish McBride. "Primarily, the purpose of the office in Melbourne is to provide top-level support to our channel," she said. "We currently have two resellers: Fujitsu and JD Edwards Australia."

McBride went on to tell ARN that the company is currently evaluating the future growth of its Australian channel. "We're assessing just how many more resellers we need, and in what particular markets those resellers should be positioned," she said.

According to Peter McBride, the biggest opportunities existing for resellers of Lava 4.3 are in the financial services, insurance, manufacturing and distribution markets. "These markets tend to have quite mature environments on the back-office side," he said.

Besides the Toronto headquarters, there are offices in London and Chicago; Lava Systems is positioning itself to establish a strong, worldwide presence in the fields of document management, imaging and workflow. "Currently, we have about 100 people employed around the world, and we're looking at adding 40 to 50 more during the next few months," said Halliday.

When ARN asked Trish McBride what sort of prerequisites she expected from a potential Lava reseller, she replied quite frankly, "The ability to sell in large amounts for big dollars.

"Essentially, it has to be a win-win situation. We're looking for resellers who can offer Lava as a strategic component in systems offerings to their customer base. It's important that they have the expertise to properly represent the product."

With a price tag of $20,000 for the server software plus 10-user licence, it's no surprise that Lava expects its resellers to have a high degree of system expertise. On its part, Lava claims to be offering resellers the chance to sell a product which provides instant desktop access to all document formats, from word processing and e-mail to video clips and images.

Lava Systems

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