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In Brief

Intranet growth faces challenges

Although research organisation IDC predicts explosive growth for the intranet market in the coming years, a number of challenges must first be addressed, according to IDC sales and marketing manager David Noble.

Speaking at an intranet seminar arranged by Melbourne-based systems integrator Intranet Australia, Noble outlined the upward spiral IDC sees the intranet taking. "In 1995 there were 60,000 intranet servers sold worldwide," he said. "By 2000, we think that number will be 5.2 million."

Although the intranet forecast is rosy, Noble identified three key challenges: (1) The intranet market currently lacks time-tested administration tools. (2) Intranet applications require multi-vendor support. (3) The [lack of] relative bandwidth available for intranet applications in organisations.

"I don't think there's any question that intranet growth will outpace the Internet," Noble said. "One of the main reasons is that intranets are relatively inexpensive when compared with groupware. Although I should add that groupware prices will go down in order to compete, and intranet prices will go up as functionality increases."

According to an IDC survey, 30 per cent of businesses plan to integrate the Web into their corporate structure and 40 per cent intend to make use of the Internet this year. As part of its 1996 Global IT Survey, 12,000 interviews were conducted with multinational businesses. by Terry BanksWireless data, Oz-styleAustralian comms manufacturer Speedycom has developed a wireless data modem that works on the Telstra MobileData network. The SI800 series starts at around $1,100 RRP, and is also compatible with mobile data systems in Europe, Asia and America. Pictured is the vehicle version, suitable to applications such as mobile data logging and EFTPOS.

Speedycom is currently working with a number of developers to create applications, either with external RS232 connected devices or built in to data terminals and computers. Other planned devices have integral GPS systems, video cameras or card readers. Because the MobileData system charges by data use, it can be much more cost effective than using data ports on mobile phones.

Speedycom International

Tel: (09) 328 8188ÊFax: (09) 328 8337

EMC Bullish on open storage systems

Groupe Bull now sells EMC's line of open storage systems. According to the manufacturer, EMC's Symmetrix integrated cached disk array systems are "capable of concurrently storing more than a terabyte of data from as many as 32 different servers".

This agreement follows last month's announcement by EMC and Bull extending the Bull mainframe original equipment manufacturer agreement with EMC to include the Symmetrix 5000 enterprise storage platform.


Tel: (02) 9922 7888 Fax: (02) 9922 4287

Cincom goes with Insystems

Software manufacturer Cincom has signed a global distribution and development agreement with Canada-based Insystems Technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, Cincom's mainframe-based document processing products will be integrated with AuroraDS, Insystems' client/server document-processing solution.

Cincom sales director Paul Greening says the combination will provide end users "control of the entire document management process from desktop to mainframe, and the ability to implement enterprise-wide solutions".

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