Product Wars: Best IT invention

Product Wars: Best IT invention

Vote in our product wars poll for the best consumer technologies

Social networking sites, Google and iPods. Some of us use them everyday without a fleeting thought of their origins. The ancestors of some of the best technological concoctions may be lost in time but without them, many products we value today would cease to exist.

In this week’s ARN Product Wars, we want to know: What is the best IT consumer invention?

The candidates are: Apple iPods, Walkman, Nintendo Gameboy, Apple iPhone, Tamagotchi, Google, Amazon Kindle, social networking sites, virtual reality, BlackBerry, Zip Drives, and Netspace.

For more information on the products listed, visit ARN's IT Tops and Flops slideshow.

Which product deserves to win? Click here to have your say. Vote as many times as you want to support your favourite!

Product Wars: Movie/TV inspired gadgets Final Results: Winner - Doctor Who K9 style Roving security sentry - 87% Runner up - Transformers style “All Spark” Hub - 74% 3rd - Dick Tracy inspired touch-screen internet watch - 68% 4th - Get Smart Shoe Phone - 63% 5th - James Bond hidden video-camera watch - 62%

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