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Kapiti Technologies (Kaptek) launches new VM software products in Australia and New Zealand

An innovative way to detect SPAM and a new secure high performance data transfer product
  • 13 November, 2009 09:08

<p>ABACA has an innovative approach to detecting spam which is revolutionary and serves as the first major advance in email protection in recent decades. Abaca’s breakthrough approach relies on a critical component of the spam equation that is also the only element that the spammer does not have control of and cannot circumvent: receiver reputation. Conventional anti-spam providers attempt to detect spam by analysing either characteristics of the sender or the email content or both. These conventional spam filtering techniques do not provide adequate protection against email attacks.
ABACA achieved 99.997 percent accuracy in a real-world evaluation conducted by The Tolly Group.
ABACA has VM software and hardware options available.</p>
<p>HyperIP is high performance software that makes data transfers extremely fast and secure. It delivers WAN optimisation for remote data replication, backup/restore and large file transfer applications.
Among the benefits of HyperIP are - an increased utilisation of bandwidth typically from 15-20% up to 80-90%; mitigation or elimination of TCP packet loss which can be up to 6%; mitigation or elimination of performance degradation due to distance latency (up to 74,000Km)</p>
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