Obvious virus fools man

Obvious virus fools man

Herman Harman, office worker at Acme Accounting in Rozelle, has been fooled by yet another virus targeting lonely and sexually frustrated men.

After falling victim to several viruses in the past 18 months, Harman felt an unnerving sense of embarrassment as he called Benny Johnson, Acme's IT support manager, seeking assistance for the second time in the space of a month.

On his arrival, Johnson investigated the damage before asking Harman exactly how it had happened. Harman answered he was attempting to view an attachment his friend Ezekiel had sent him. When prompted to disclose the nature of the attachment, Harman shrugged.

"I then noticed a few problems in our shared directories," said Johnson. "After some snooping around I found the culprit, an executable file named ‘nakedwife.exe'. This might seem so damn obvious to some, but we have to remember, Harman doesn't get out much. Harman, and millions like him, are lonely, vulnerable and a little desperate, so any invitation to see somebody's naked wife is irresistible. After all, he is an accountant."

Johnson also believes it was Harman that recently spread the Anna Kournikova worm through the office. When queried about this particular incident Harman answered "I don't play tennis, I don't even watch tennis, why does this have anything to do with me?"

Johnson has since written a small sticky-note and stuck it to Harman's monitor. It quite clearly states that if a file ends in the extension .jpg or .gif, it is likely to be a picture, or better yet, an erotic picture. But files ending in .exe or .vbs are executable programs, and are therefore likely to be viruses. He has also subscribed Harman to some soft porn sites to protect the company's network from further corruption.

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