Yahoo! bets the bank on ice-cream

Yahoo! bets the bank on ice-cream

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the future of technology - the Internet-enabled ice-cream cart. Not since the Internet-enabled fridge has such an invention caused a storm on the beaches of Sao Paulo or the offices of Tabloid.

But before you sell all your shares in the Web-enabled lawnmower manufacturer and the Internet-enabled esky developer, this lip-smacking innovation is not what you think. You cannot customise the flavour of your ice cream through a database of potential ingredients. It actually has very little to do with ice cream, and more to do with the folks at Yahoo! Brazil and Enterasys networks showing off mobile technology.

You see, this ice cream cart is Internet-enabled, but the fact it is an ice cream cart is kind of irrelevant, it was just a nice cultural gimmick Yahoo! and Enterasys came up with. But if you happen to be trying to catch a wave at Maresias Beach in Sao Paulo or Geriba Beach in Rio De Janeiro in the next few months, head straight for the purple and yellow ice cream cart and try some Web surfing instead. Here you can connect to the Internet via a PC notebook connection and access all your mail and news, while working on your tan at the same time.

In case you were wondering about the techie details, users are connecting to Yahoo! Brazil through Enterasys 802.11 RoamAbout access cards on each laptop, picking up radio-frequency signals from OMNI antennas implemented at key locations on each beach. Users can surf at 11Mbps, and shop at Yahoo! using 128-bit encryption. And yes, purple and yellow is a very popular colour combo on South American beaches, so make sure you whack on the purple and yellow sluggos, the chicks will love it.

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