Product Wars: Tech imitating art

Product Wars: Tech imitating art

Check out and vote for your favourite in ARN's tech products inspired by the movies

Back in a distant time, before mobile phones became the ubiquitous accessory for everybody from eight to 80 years old, people would watch Star Trek and dream of a day when they too could flip open their very own “communicator” and boldly state “beam me up Scotty”.

This week, we look at technology inspired by film and TV. Do you think Harry Potter would get up to change the television channel? Not likely, he would just wave his wand at it, and with the “Kymera” universal remote you can too. Always wanted a Dick Tracy watch? There are multiple variations on the market. The Star Wars force trainer actually detects the frequency of your brain waves to levitate a small ball. There is even a K9 style roving security camera for the remote viewing, quite handy for monitoring your own particular tardis.

The candidates are: Star Trek Communicator, Transformers style “All Spark” Hub, James Bond hidden video-camera watch, Harry Potter “Kymera” universal remote wand, Get Smart Shoe Phone, Star Wars Force Trainer, Babel Fish style universal translator, Wall E learner laptop, Dick Tracy inspired touch-screen internet watch and Doctor Who K9 style Roving security sentry.

Which product deserves to win? Which is the best movie or TV inspired gadget? Click here to have your say. Vote as many times as you want to support your favorite!

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