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Enex TestLab Finds Australia’s Most Family Friendly Internet Filters

  • 21 October, 2009 11:40

<p><strong>Sydney Australia</strong> - <strong>October 21 2009</strong> - Enex TestLab,
one of the world’s premier technology testing laboratories, is putting leading
Internet Content Filter (ICF) vendors products through their paces as part of
the Australian Internet Industry Association’s (IIA) Family Friendly Internet
Filter certification scheme.<br/>
To help bring reassurance to Australian families, Enex has for a number of years
been independently testing, and will continue to test participating filters to
assess how effectively they manage the vast amount of potentially harmful content
that is available to children on the Internet today.<br/>
Enex’s independent testing reveals just how accurately and effectively these
filters detect and block inappropriate content, including sites blacklisted by
the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Enex also tested to
see how well the filters manage access to sites that are only partially appropriate
for children (depending on their age) and sites that are entirely appropriate
for children.<br/>
"These Internet filter software operate mainly at the PC level. They give
parents the flexibility to tailor content displayed, block websites and set up
passwords and parental controls." said Steven Turvey, Laboratory Manager
of Enex TestLab.<br/>
"Only filters that meet the strict Enex criteria are recognised by the IIA
and the Australian Government. They are then included on an official list of IIA
Family Friendly Internet Filters on IIA's website." said John Hilvert Communications
Director IIA "This puts a safer internet experience within the grasp of every
Australian family and it is a solution to the problem posed by internet pornography
that is simple, safe, effective and available right now."<br/>
In addition to content, Enex’ testing investigates how easy the filters
are for people to use, what kinds of support are available for the filter software,
and how quickly the filters update to include any new additions to ACMA’s
blacklist. Once passed by Enex TestLab, filters that met the criteria will be
recognised by the IIA and the Australian Government.<br/>
The IIA has written a Code of Practice to provide guidance for ISPs who wish to
offer a "family friendly" service. By complying with this IIA code,
ISPs can be confident that they also comply with Australian law. This program
benefits all stakeholders; Australian Families, Internet Service Providers and
<strong>As at today, the list of tested and approved IIA Family Friendly Internet
Filters are:<br/>
</strong>* Safe Eyes, v 4.3 for PC<br/>
* Safe Eyes, v 4.3 for Mac<br/>
* F-secure Protection Service for Consumers v 6.15<br/>
* Optus Internet Security Suite (enabled by F-Secure)<br/>
* Puresight PC v 6.1.88<br/>
* Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security<br/>
<strong>The following products are still being tested<br/>
</strong>* Symantec Online Family Norton v 4.0<br/>
* ContentKeeper Web v.123<br/>
* Optenet PC filter v 9.4.1<br/>
* My Child My Values Filterpak v 7.7<br/>
Further information about the IIA Family Friendly Program can be found at: <a href="#"></a>
or <a href="#"><br/>
</a><strong>About Enex TestLab</strong><br/>
Enex TestLab was founded in 1989, originally as part of RMIT University, Australia,
and has grown into a commercial testing facility used by a global client base.
The company provides independent testing and reporting services designed to significantly
lower its clients’ risk and maximise their return on investment when researching,
procuring, developing, marketing, or introducing products. Enex TestLab has eight
specialist delivery groups within the organisation, that provide consultancy,
testing and reporting services on their particular area of expertise, including:
hardware, software, systems, security, usability &amp; accessibility, gaming/wagering,
physical/materials, publishing media &amp; communications.<br/>
<strong>About The Internet Industry Association</strong><br/>
The Internet Industry Association is Australia's national Internet industry organisation.
We have over 200 members, including telecommunications carriers, content creators
and publishers, web developers, e-commerce traders and solutions providers, hardware
vendors, systems integrators, banks, insurance underwriters, technology law firms,
ISPs, educational institutions, research analysts, and those providing professional
and technical support services. Increasingly, our members also include businesses
hoping to establish an effective online presence for the purposes of e-commerce.
On behalf of its members, the IIA provides policy input to government and advocacy
on a range of business and regulatory issues, to promote laws and initiatives
which enhance access, equity, reliability and growth of the medium within Australia.<br/>
<strong>PR CONTACTS<br/>
</strong><strong>For Enex TestLab</strong><br/>
Renato Catalan<br/>
Gap Marketing and Management Pty Ltd<br/>
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</a><strong>For the IIA</strong><br/>
John Hilvert<br/>
Communications Director<br/>
Internet Industry Association<br/>
Website: <a href="#"></a></p>

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