Tonnex builds Web shops for resellers

Tonnex builds Web shops for resellers

Service will let resellers decide on what products and prices to provide to their customers online for $149 a month

Tech distributor, Tonnex International, has launched an online shopfront service for resellers.

Reseller Webstore Service will let resellers set-up retail stores with 128-bit SSL security, online purchasing and delivery facilities as well as highly customised settings for $149 per month.

Tonnex national marketing manager, James Rendell, said the initiative came about thanks to customer consultations and strong demand.

“We sent out a survey to customers in October last year gauging how they feel about this type of solution,” he said. “Quite a large number of customers indicated this would be great for their business so we got to work.

“It’s available to all Tonnex customers and there’s no bias as to how much they need to be spending. We have in excess of 1500 customers. Any new customers that would like to buy from us and give themselves access to the program, we will welcome.”

Rendell acknowledged some resellers would dislike the idea of his company creating the solution and fear a loss of customers, but said Tonnex would not sell products directly to end-users.

“A common misconception with this type of service is that the orders come straight through Tonnex,” he said. “Although the service is provided by Tonnex, it is 100 per cent controlled and operated by the reseller.

“It’s basically a template. They come into the site and it’s pre-configured. They go through and they determine what settings they’d like to have. It’s all driven off the Tonnex price at the back end. So they can go in and set their markups as a percentage or a dollar amount.”

All customers will be given a 7-day free trial to test the solution. Resellers can choose their own Web domains to host an e-tailing shop front before facilitation, administration and support is entirely handed over to Tonnex and products from other distributors can be added to the online store.

“It’s got full web-selling capabilities, online shopping carts, it can be integrated with PayPal and a whole range of different online merchants,” he said.

As new product cost lists are sent out, the Web store prices are automatically changed and take into account any mark ups set by the reseller.

“We’ve developed this, in essence, for anyone that doesn’t have an online Web shop. We’ve even been speaking with some that do have one, but due to the amount of administration that’s required they’re looking at coming across,” Rendell said.

“I’d be hoping we’d get hundreds on-board within the first few months and then as resellers see the value in it, I’d like to see the vast majority of customers get on-board this service.”

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