Product Wars: Sweet Music

Product Wars: Sweet Music

Have your say in ARN's product wars on your favourite MP3 player

These days, most people couldn’t do without their MP3 player. And as their popularity grows, it’s beginning to look like there isn’t anything an MP3 can’t do. At the same time, the rise of designer MP3s is allowing individuals to express their own unique style and tastes.

People make a big deal about what they are listening to, but what about what they are listening on? The ARN product wars is attempting to find out!

Which of the MP3 players we have assembled best expresses you? Are you the rugged outdoors type that needs to be prepared for anything? Perhaps an MP3 and Swiss-Army combo is what you need? Stuck in your childhood? Well there’s MP3 Lego! Or feeling nostalgic? Then MP3 Cassettes could be the answer.

The MP3 candidates for this product wars are: belt buckle, baseball cap, cassette, makeup compact, credit card, crucifix, hand-grenade, couples split-heart, Lego blocks, light sabre, Swiss army knife, and underwater goggles.

Which product deserves to win? Click here to have your say. Vote as many times as you want to support your favourite! Final results for Product Wars: ICT Addictions:

  1. The Internet - 90%
  2. Laptop - 71%
  3. Mobile Phone - 71%
  4. PSP - 55%
  5. BlackBerry - 53%

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