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Axway brings data loss prevention to ad hoc file transfer with File Transfer Direct

Solution introduces comprehensive security policy and governance to bridge gap between IT and end users
  • 07 October, 2009 11:37

<p>Sydney - October 7, 2009 – Axway, the industry leader in both managed file transfer (MFT) and email security products, today launched File Transfer Direct, the first and only ad hoc file transfer solution to reduce risk and improve compliance by securely delivering large files while incorporating data loss protection, policy management and data visibility for corporate governance.</p>
<p>When frustrated with difficulties in transferring large files through traditional corporate infrastructure, employees frequently use technologies outside of company control, such as private email accounts, unsecure file transfer protocol (FTP), DVDs and thumb drives. As a truly ad hoc solution, Axway File Transfer Direct enables them to easily send their materials within their current workflow, while protecting company interests. The solution transparently enforces administrator-defined policies, and adds the security and audit trails critical to governing the exchange of large files.</p>
<p>“Organisations typically solve file transfer storage growth by limiting attachment size, which neglects the security issues that inevitably crop up,” said Maureen Fleming, program director, business process automation and deployment, IDC. “By limiting the attachment size, IT inadvertently drives users to find alternative methods that allow confidential data to be sent outside secure, auditable corporate channels. As a result, organisations can be confronted with legal liability, regulatory violations or loss of intellectual property.”</p>
<p>Axway’s File Transfer Direct delivers the fundamental values of MFT on an ad hoc basis. While File Transfer Direct uses the existing and familiar email user experience, the files are subject to content-based policy management, encryption, authentication and tracking capabilities for comprehensive data loss protection. Using predefined keywords or policies, Axway File Transfer Direct scans all outbound attachments and, if a policy violation is detected, a variety of actions can be taken including blocking, reporting, encrypting or notifying appropriate managers. Additionally, Axway File Transfer Direct also solves the challenges and rising costs of file sizes and storage limits by offloading the email attachments from the email server to the Axway File Transfer Direct server.</p>
<p>Seneca Insurance, a nationwide commercial property and casualty insurance company, recently switched to Axway’s File Transfer Direct after using another solution. “Axway’s product functionality, ease of use and support are a vast improvement over our original solution for ad hoc, large file transfer,” said Navin Rampath, senior systems administrator, Seneca. “As an insurance company, we work with sensitive information such as policy numbers and tax IDs that need to be protected. Axway’s File Transfer Direct gives us the policy and administration features we needed for comprehensive data loss prevention, and our employees didn’t have to learn any complicated new processes to get their jobs done. Plus, the implementation couldn’t have been easier – we were up and running in 90 minutes.”</p>
<p>Axway File Transfer Direct ensures:
• Quality of service – File Transfer Direct provides guaranteed delivery, control and visibility over file transfers.
• Increased productivity - Users can send large files transparently from within their familiar email client, with no need to disrupt their regular work routines.
• State-of-the-market security - Axway File Transfer Direct uses an industry-leading data security model that includes antivirus, content filtering and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities.
• Integrated visibility – with policy, security and audit trails for enterprise governance around file transfer activities.
• Lower email administration costs - Axway File Transfer Direct includes tools to reduce the size of email stores, pressure on email servers, and overall network traffic.
• Universal delivery - Files sent via Axway File Transfer Direct are deliverable to any recipient.</p>
<p>“File Transfer Direct is the first new product under our ‘Business Interaction Networks’ strategy. Many organisations already have existing protocols in place for traditional MFT or basic email that do not account for growing file sizes and employees’ ad hoc file transfer needs. But the reality is that, when employees do not have a simple way to securely send large files, they turn to out-of-band alternatives exposing highly sensitive company data – from social security numbers to sales figures, ” said Christophe Fabre, CEO, Axway. “File Transfer Direct bridges the gap between IT and end users. IT has the visibility, control and auditability it needs to protect the organization, while end users have the familiarity and efficiency they need to be productive.”</p>
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