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Expand Networks Launches Customer Loyalty and Trade-up Programs to Elevate Tactical Network Investments

Sydney, Australia. –October 7th 2009 – Against a backdrop of increasingly distributed workforces, IT consolidation and tightening budgets, WAN optimisation has evolved from a tactical ‘nice to have’ to a strategic imperative. As advanced technologies and strategic IT initiatives change WAN traffic flows and application behaviour, many historic tactical WAN Optimisation deployments are no longer fit for purpose. Expand Networks , the leader in optimising WANs for branch office consolidation and virtualisation, is helping enterprises seamlessly migrate to the next generation of WAN Optimisation solutions to take full advantage of strategic IT initiatives and align with changing business needs.
  • 08 October, 2009 10:29

<p>Expand today launches two programs designed to help any organisation migrate from outmoded tactical network deployments to strategic WAN Optimisation solutions:</p>
<p>• Legacy Dilemma – Enterprises face a dilemma when historic tactical investments reach end of life, or when trying to extend capabilities of these deployments to global network environments. Expand’s Trade-up Program enables all enterprises to migrate from outdated, legacy optimisation products from other vendors to Expand’s advanced and flexible WAN Optimisation solutions, in order to support future strategic IT initiatives.</p>
<p>• Technical and Business Evolution – Expand’s Customer Loyalty Program enables existing Expand customers to simply and cost-effectively extend, enhance, manage and maintain their existing Expand optimised WAN infrastructure to stay at the forefront of the evolution in the technology and make the most out of their existing investment.</p>
<p>“There is a host of tactical deployments out there that don’t have the capability to support today’s application acceleration strategies, let alone tomorrows,” explains Adam Davison, VP Corporate Sales &amp; Marketing at Expand Networks. “Initially faced with tactical challenges, many organisations have now found out that they invested in the wrong products when it comes to their more strategic networking needs. Suitable for the network and application issues faced at that time, they’ve found that their choice of WAN Optimisation products now fall short when it comes to providing consistent end-user experience across the complex mix of network environments today.”</p>
<p>“Take tactical point product offerings like QoS or TCP acceleration. Popular three years ago as standalone solutions, they don’t offer the integrated range of functionality needed to produce performance levels in today’s consolidated or virtualised environments. Similarly, investments that successfully eased one particular painpoint, such as accelerating SAP, don’t provide the extended capabilities needed to address the full global mix of application and traffic types used in the wider network.”</p>
<p>The first of Expand’s two strategic initiatives, the Trade-up Program, enables organisations to trade in obsolete and non-integrated WAN Optimisation implementations for Expand Networks advanced technology. “Enterprises with legacy, non-integrated products face non-existent product roadmaps or costly, forklift upgrades to new unproven versions,” explains Davison. “Our holistic technology approach and flexible deployment options, means we are best positioned to support the broader set of network requirements organisations have today and into the future. BlueCoat’s recent end of life announcement for iShared, SkyX, and elements of its PacketShaper product range is a perfect example of the dilemma organisations are facing.”</p>
<p>Expand Networks’ Accelerators encompass all of the feature sets of each of the BlueCoat products involved, but deliver more functionality than the three products previously realised, with the flexibility to deploy all optimisation features in a single hardware or software deployment.</p>
<p>The second of its initiatives, the Customer Loyalty Programme, is specifically aimed at helping existing customers migrate to the latest Expand technologies. This Loyalty programme comes close on the heels of recent product launches including a new Operating System, Virtual Accelerator and Mobile Accelerator Client, and enables a migration to Expand technologies and services that can help support future changing business initiatives, without the associated financial outlay. The Customer Loyalty Program enables enterprises to:</p>
<p>• Extend the deployment of Expand Accelerators across complete WAN infrastructure to achieve even greater ROI and improved user performance.</p>
<p>• Enhance existing deployments of Expand Accelerators by upgrading to the latest models and feature sets and upgrading the DataCenter to the Virtual Accelerator to enjoy complete High Availability.</p>
<p>• Manage a global Expand network with ExpandView and take control of applications over the WAN with industry leading Layer 7 QoS by trading up accelerators.</p>
<p>• Upgrade End of Support products to the latest accelerator offerings and renew lapsed maintenance and benefit from amnesty on backdating old contracts</p>
<p>“We are committed to providing a compelling and future-proof solution to managing business bandwidth in key IT initiatives such as mobile communications, VDI, virtualisation and consolidation. Our technology takes a complete and flexible approach to WAN Optimisation that guarantees simplicity and cost reduction as IT adapts to meet today’s global business requirements, Davison concludes, “These two programs will enable all organisations, whether existing customer or not, to take their WAN Optimisation investment to the next level and fulfil the potential of their WAN, whatever their chosen network environment. As network demands continue to evolve at a rapid pace, we’re providing all businesses with the solid foundations needed to deliver and support new technologies and extend network investments.”</p>
<p>•Expand Networks Trade up/Competitive Buy Back Programme</p>
<p>Applicable to all Expand Networks’ and equivalent competition products including Juniper, Riverbed, Cisco, Blue Coat and Mentat. The terms of the Trade Up Program including pricing and maintenance contract will be agreed on an individual basis with customers via Expand Networks’ Accredited Partner Program. Click here for more information.</p>
<p>•Expand Networks Customer Loyalty Programme</p>
<p>Available to existing Expand Networks customers prior to 30th September, the unique loyalty programmes enable enterprises to extend, enhance, manage and maintain their infrastructure and optimise the RoI on an Expand investment. Click here for more information.</p>

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